Video: Rep. Renee Ellmers Questions Timothy Geithner At Business Hearing

As The Chef pointed out earlier, there has been a discussion going on with regards to taxes on the small business owners up on Capitol Hill. A few days ago, freshman Congresswoman Renee Elmers had the opportunity to speak with Tim Geithner. Or perhaps more correctly, it can be said that she had the opportunity to get run over by a blathering and self-important Tim Geithner. Every time she started to ask a question, he already had his obviously rehearsed remarks ready to go and cut her off thereby monopolizing the time allotted to her for himself. Clearly, he was in the mode of ‘control the discussion’ so as to avoid facts or truths getting out there that would damage the narrative of the socialist government that has evolved in DC. Just one thought, Timmy… we would have more money in the coffers if people like you and your political cronies actually paid your taxes! Here is a video of the exchange between Congresswoman Elmers and Geithner…

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