The Wit Of Fred Thompson

Neighbors of Democrat Congressman John Conyers are complaining that his Detroit residence is an “eyesore”.

If they think his house is bad, they should see some of his legislation.


Attorney General Eric Holder said that civilian courts are “our most effective terror-fighting weapon”.

I can’t believe how casually he ignores the power of stern looks and finger-wagging.


In Washington DC, the Dirty Martini bar has started serving a giant 48-ounce cocktail.

One of these, and Obama’s economic policies start sounding like they might actually work.


The US Attorney’s Office has recovered a small sample of Apollo 11 moon dust that was being sold by a woman in St. Louis.

Man, the feds just can’t stop intervening in the real estate market.


On its latest cover, Time magazine asks if the Constitution “still matters”.

Next question: for lovers of the Constitution, does the opinion of Time still matter?

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3 Responses to The Wit Of Fred Thompson

  1. 😆 @ #3. Great to see you again, Questioning.

    • Thanks Spinny. It was a nice reprieve and I see it happening a bit more frequently as time goes on. Homeschooling starts in two months and I have some work to do to get my little man on his way. Sometimes I wish that I could streamline my blogging but I feel compelled to provide the same content. Surprisingly, the Wisdom Of The Day posts get a large amount of traffic and The Wit Of Fred Thompson posts get great feedback(from you.LOL). I just don’t see where to trim the fat yet. Adding the Chef has already alleviated some pressure though. It’s nice having a co-writer and I enjoy having a second perspective, even when I agree with all of her stuff. She is a Facebook friend and it almost feels like we are separated at birth sometimes.

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