In His Own Words: Congressman Allen West

A short piece written by Congressman Allen West…

A lot occurred this past week. Unfortunately, the defining moment of the past few days was nothing more than political pandering to the extreme left.

On Wednesday, President Obama announced the planned withdrawal of American forces in Afghanistan and a shift of command to NATO forces – a decision which I do not agree with.

President Obama’s highly politicized speech and decision does not give our military the strategic advantage it needs to complete its mission in Afghanistan, and it is a shame that the president’s falling poll numbers would cause him to make this decision.

Liberals across the country are placing their personal political futures ahead of what is right for our country. We must not allow this to happen. Tough decisions need to be made in order to correct the path which America is going down, and we need leaders who are committed to solving our country’s problems – not those who pander to the public when things are politically convenient.

h/t to Red County

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