Here are Congressman West’s 6 month accomplishments… What has your Congressman done for you?

This came in about three weeks ago, on June 6th to be exact… This is a revieew of all that Congressman Allen West has accomplished in his first 6 months on the Hill. Here is a man who has a true sense of what it means to work for his constituents and ALL of America. Read through this list and then ask yourself – or better yet – ask your Congressman what they have done for you in those same 6 months! I am willing to bet that you won’t find a detailed report such as this for the vast majority of Congressmen serving you! Perhaps it is time that we take from the example set by Allen West and demand more accountability from our elected officials! In the meantime, perhaps we also need to consider how much he has done and ponder what we could expect him to do as President of the United States?!?

Have a read through the work of one elected official who truly represents the kind of dedication we should all be expecting from the people we send up to DC to be our voice…

Congressman West Accomplishments in the First Six Months in the House of Representatives

(Ft. Lauderdale) – Congressman Allen West (FL-22) today announces a 6 month update of his accomplishments since being sworn into the United States Congress on January 5, 2011.

In his first 151 days, Congressman West has achieved the following:

cast 412 votes on the Floor of the House of Representatives
introduced 6 bills
cosponsored 104 bills
passed a bill on the House Floor by a vote of 393-0
held 10 Town Hall meetings
attended 62 hearings or briefings in the House Armed Services Committee
included 6 amendments in the National Defense Authorization Act of 2012
attended 18 hearings or briefings in the House Small Business Committee
held 139 meetings on Capitol Hill with constituents from Florida
participated in 230 total meetings on Capitol Hill
participated in 135 events in Washington, D.C.
held 92 meetings in the Congressional District with constituents
participated in 140 events in Florida
toured 30 businesses in the Congressional District
responded to more than 17,500 letters or emails from constituents
flown roundtrip from Washington DC and Florida 14 times
traveled to Naval Station, Guantanamo Bay, Cuba
traveled to New York City for the CORE Martin Luther King Dinner
traveled to the Florida State Capital to meet with the Governor, Lt. Governor, and Attorney General
spent 67 Days on Capitol Hill and 79 Days in the Congressional District
“I have the greatest honor serving the 22nd Congressional District,” West said.  “I provide this information to my constituents so they have an understanding of what I am doing on Capitol Hill and in Florida on their behalf.  I will continue every day to work my hardest to fulfill my oath to the citizens of this district.”

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