I have a few Questions to address…

Well, I think I am back. It has been a much-needed three-week hiatus. I missed blogging once in a while but for the most part it was nice to sit back and be an observer of the news. Don’t mistake that to mean that there was anything enjoyable in the news… I almost came back to Questioning…. to go off on the Anthony Weiner fiasco but glad I sat that one out. There will still be plenty of reporting to be done on that as time goes on. The fact that Huma is tied to the Muslim Brotherhood gives me limitless fodder to dig through. It’ll be hard to picture Congress without that smarmy, smug, knuckle-dragging moron Anthony Weiner. (See what you’ve missed in my absence!)

In my return, I am bringing with me a new face to Questioning With Boldness… For now, we will call her “Chef”. She is someone who will bring some terrific insight with some cutting opinion to her pieces. I am glad to finally get  second opinion on here. Well, that and it’ll be great to have another writer to help keep up with all that is happening at a lightning pace in our country today.

She describes herself as: “I’m a Christian, wife, mother, professional chef, writer, Constitutional Conservlatarian. I’m a political junky who has watched my country morph into something I don’t understand…this is my journey to restore our Great Republic to what the Founders and Founding Fathers envisioned it. I believe in the Constitution of the United States one nation UNDER GOD, indivisible with JUSTICE FOR ALL…I’m a political Rabble Rouser that is sarcastic and also a Constitutional attorney gonna-be…step into my kitchen!!!”

She should be fun to have on board! LOL

At this time I also want to thank all of my subscribers who stuck with me while I took a “mental health vacation”. I hope that you took some time to explore some of the other blogs on my blogroll! In my return, I will be continuing with my Wisdom Of The Day daily series, my The Wit Of Fred Thompson daily series, and I will be making my The More That You Know… series a weekly piece likely to be published on Mondays. I will continue the Military Pride Fridays videos and will also make sure to get Steven Crowder and Alfonzo Rachel(Zo from MachoSauceProductions) videos up weekly. I am open to any suggestions that anyone has(except anything from you Spinny! 😉 No liberal feature posts here!) Hopefully we can get some good conversations going now that Chef will be on board.

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4 Responses to I have a few Questions to address…

  1. Glad to have you back, mate. We all need to recharge our batteries now and then. How are the little rug rats doing. That’s a heck of a job and still find time to blog.

    • Thanks Jim…. I’ve tried to recharge a couple of times but it takes longer than a week to come around again when it all seems so daunting. You’ve had some great stuff on your blog. I’ve been reading and watching everyone else’s but I honestly only signed into Questioning… twice during my hiatus. It was weird but nice.

      The little guys are doing well. They wore me out everyday! LOL I will be starting homeschooling in 2 months and I foresee another readjustment period with Questioning… but thankfully with Chef onboard, it will be less noticeable.

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  3. Bunkerville says:

    Nice to see some action here! I took a bit of time in May. This blogging thing can take a lot out of the ole battery. I find it alienates as well. Friends are not up on things as we who are political junkies.

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