A personal message to my readers at Questioning…

As many of long-time readers already know, I am a stay at home dad who has three little boys that already keep me abundantly busy. With the oldest being 4 and the youngest just 7 months old, my time for researching and writing is limited and lately I have been even more limited by extra projects around the home as well as trying to keep the boys from tearing the home apart. LOL

I feel bad for my loyal readers because as time has passed lately, I have done more ‘copy and paste’ type posts in lieu of writing more in-depth and well-researched articles. I had managed to get out a couple of timely posts that broke before the mainstream outlets really had them… articles like the Saudi woman spitting on Walmart customers and the pro-Palestinian protestors disrupting Pastor John Hagee’s event for Israel in May. Since then, there have been some great things to cover but unfortunately I have not found the time to cover them… Weinergate comes to mind right away although I wish that I could erase that from my mind! And of course, there was the issue with Adam Kokesh in the Jefferson Memorial that has the ear of a lot of Conservatives. That last one is an article that I almost wrote but didn’t because of no time… it probably was goiung to put me on the wrong side of most popular opinion and still has me thinking that I NEED to write it because there are some serious concerns about the oversight of the story. I think that Conservatives are standing on the wrong side of that issue and that is why I may catch flack if I do indeed write that piece.

Anyways, in the meantime, I have increasingly gathered new subscribers to Questioning With Boldness… and that is always inspirational. I find myself feeling a need to write for you guys even when I am not getting sleep and I’m sure the writing bug will bite me again. With that in mind, I also want to address my subscribers who subscribe via email… When I get into the swing of writing and posting, I tend to put out anywhere from 7-10 posts a day. That many posts will clog your emails and I don’t want to upset you with excess emails, so might I suggest that if you have a facebook page, you may want to become a fan of Questioning… on facebook that way the posts go to your “home page” instead of clogging your email. There is a link on the main page here but if you prefer, you can just go to www.facebook.com/QuestioningWithBoldness and do it that way too. Also, my personal page is listed there as the “Admin” for Questioning… and I welcome you to friend me on facebook. I may even accept friend requests from those liberals out there(I’m looking at you SpinnyLiberal LOL). I post on my personal facebook page continuously and do enjoy some lively banter. I tend to post a whole lot of really pertinant links on my own facebook page that don’t make here to Questioning just because it is so easy to link via facebook. I am thinking about changing up my posting format here on Questioning to get more news articles up but they will be less personal in writing…. a bit more in line with how I post on facebook.

This brings me to another thought about Questioning…’s future. I have been considering taking on another writer and have tried to get a good friend to write but unfortunately the timing didn’t work for him right now. If any of you have an interest in trying your hand at writing, please don’t hesitate to let me know. I would be more than happy to add an author or two to Questioning… and I am open to pretty much anything that you may want to cover, be it at the local level or a particular issue that you feel needs to be addressed in America today. The only thing that I don’t really go for is anything in the realm of conspiracy theory stuff…. that’s just not my interest level. If you are interested, you can get ahold of me via facebook, posting a reply here, or via the “Contact Questioning” page.

Thank you to all of my readers and loyal subscribers. I appreciate your support and as always, if there is anything that you want to discuss or throw out there, I welcome any input that you may have. I will start posting again very soon.

~ Question With Boldness…

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4 Responses to A personal message to my readers at Questioning…

  1. 😆 LMAO
    Woo hoo! Shout out to me. I feel a little famous!

    I still don’t know how you have time to post anything with 3 really little ones. I have missed the in-depth stuff, however maddening. 😛

    • Thanks Spinnny… I have been barely managing to keep my head above water. The three little guys have pushed me to limits that I had never been to before. I left my career to spend more time with my first two sons and now I’m feeling the same thing again… They should get ALL of my free time and blogging must come after they’ve gone to bed but the exciting world of Marxism never waits for the kiddies to get to bed. LOL

  2. bunkerville says:

    Keep on keeping on as best you can. I always enjoy your stuff.

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