The Wit Of Fred Thompson

NBC’s Andrea Mitchell complained that Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu treated Obama “like a school-boy”

Oh. So that must’ve been a schoolbus Obama just threw him under.


When President Obama signed the guestbook at Westminster Abbey, he dated it May 24, 2008.

He should probably be more careful to avoid reminding people of the time before he was President.


During his dinner with the Queen, President Obama blundered by giving his toast while the orchestra was still playing “God Save the Queen”.

To his credit, though, he did manage to say the entire sentence without a teleprompter.


The White House has named Jesse Lee to a new position titled Director of Progressive Media & Online Response, responsible for squashing any negative stories about the President.

I’m shocked. They only hired one guy.


The White House has ordered all federal agencies to stop using full-size vehicles for their fleets.

Typical Obama solution. If you can’t afford the gas, just buy a new car.


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