Video: LTC Allen West on Illegal Immigration

I may have posted this before but if so, here it is again…

Please run for President, Congressman West. Our country needs you!

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1 Response to Video: LTC Allen West on Illegal Immigration

  1. TopAssistant says:

    I am glad to seen Allen West made it to congress. Now, how about being a Senator! This man is White House material.
    What about the Middle Eastern illegal alien terrorist who have been going to advanced training camps in Iran, Syria, Brazil and Venezuela to learn English and Spanish then cross the border by paying $40,000 to $50,000 to gain entry into the U.S. Think they are friendly? Read a Washington Times article by Sara A. Carter, EXCLUSIVE: Al Qaeda eyes bio attack from Mexico: Seeks white militias as allies, June 3, 2009.
    If you want to help Rep. West take back this nation before it is lost to terrorists, join ACT! for America and join a local ACT! chapter or start one with your family, friends and church members.

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