Ted Nugent goes on the Pier Morgan Tonight program… Piers, you’re so British

Ted Nugent was on the Piers Morgan Tonight program on CNN where he shared his thoughts on anything from welfare and programs for wounded veterans to gun control and . Unfotunately, CNN thinks that anyone enbedding their precious YouTube videos is a mortal sin, so I have to supply links to watch the videos rather than embedding them here. I’d apologize but I believe that is the responsibility of CNN or perhaps socialist Ted Turner for not being an open company that is willing to participate in sharing.

This first video is Nuge and Piers going back and forth on welfare and Nuge’s take on what is wrong with the government programs that are crippling our nation… Watch it HERE

The following video is Nuge giving his .02 on gun control in light of the Gabbie Giffords shooting… Watch it HERE

Can you sense the anti-Constitutional sentiments of Piers as he asks “When you see a guy like that – get open access to firearms… because of the – um – Constitution that you subsrcibe to, adhere to so much…” What is it with these foreign folks who come to America and think that they can be disrespectful towards the virtues of our founding documents? It is such an elitist, holier than though attitude that these types like Piers express.

Anyways, on to the next clip. This one is an exchange where Piers really wants Nuge to say something that Piers expects but Nuge won’t take the bait. It is an exchange over what Nuge would say if his kid came home and declared that he was gay… Watch it HERE

So, not only is the Race Card still active but apparently the Gay Card is making it’s rounds too. I think Ted handled it very well… “To each, their own. It isn’t for me though.” That really is the attitude of the majority of Conservatives, Republicans, and Libertarians. The left really wants to paint the idea of a strong disdain for gays eminating from the right… Why so desperate Democrats?

Piers… You’re so British!

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1 Response to Ted Nugent goes on the Pier Morgan Tonight program… Piers, you’re so British

  1. BlackPrince says:

    Ted Nugent is a disgrace to the conservative cause. Palin was a wasteful governor who is too stupid to tie her own shoes.
    Ron Paul 2012!

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