Get Your Obama Birth Certificate Campaign Mug Here…

So-o-o… I have a problem with this. Obama “wants” the birth certificate stuff to go away… right? Well then why would he be hawking mugs and t-shirts on his campaign website that perpetuate the crap?!?

On top of that, the shirts and mugs say “Made in the USA” on them. WHY wouldn’t they say “Born in the USA”? Afterall, as humans, we are born… not made. Robots are made… Is Obama saying that he is a robot? Well, actually, I wouldn’t be surprised.


The man LOVES conspiracies and non-sensical drama around him… this is just one more way to keep stirring the pot to keep it from boiling over but at a very high temperature nonetheless. In my opinion, the wording is pretty much intentional. For years, the slogan “Born in the USA” has been used on shirts… It was a common expression even LONG before Bruce Springsteen made it a cool song title. So, why not stick with the conformity of using a universally stated slogan? Why go with “Made”?

Sure, one could argue that the expression “Made in the USA” is another commonly used statement. It is, indeed. But the reality is that the expression is associated with industry and anyone who looks at Obama’s stance on business decisions, they would see this expression as an oxymoron when used in conjunction with Obama. He has done virtually everything possible with his policies so far to drive business out of America. It has become far cheaper for companies to produce outside of America than here at home… Heck, even the trinkets for sale in the Smithsonian Museum in DC are stamped “Made in China”

Let’s be real… this slogan usage reaks of bad decision making and is clearly antagonistic. Then again, that is the only thing consistent with President Obama so far.

About that “Barack is a robot” comment… I knew it!


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8 Responses to Get Your Obama Birth Certificate Campaign Mug Here…

  1. Otis P. Driftwood says:

    He will stop at nothing to get re-elected. Is he this desperate? Maybe, maybe not. I am much more inclined to think it is just another example of his huge ego.

    • Ad rem says:

      Hi Otis. I decided to follow your trail of breadcrumbs, and I like what I see. I’m going to bookmark this one….it’s a keeper! 🙂

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