David Gregory’s attack on Newt Gingrich is just another progressive use of the liberal race card

The allegations of racism today have elevated to a level so preposterous that they are insulting to anyone and everyone’s intelligence. Take for example David Gregory interviewing Newt Gingrich recently…

What kind of “hit piece” was David Gregory trying to pull here? Seriously?!? That was about as far of a stretch as is possible. I won’t even try to argue Newt’s point for him but I will say this: As of the 2010 Census, the demographics show that there are just shy of 39 million folks that fall into the “Black or African American Alone” category which delineates a separation from anyone that would be from two or more racial backgrounds. Considering that there are roughly anywhere from 44-47 million people on food stamps and there only 39 million “Black” people in America… and if we understand the opinion that David Gregory foists upon Newt’s statement, are we to interpret that to mean ALL black folks are on food stamps? See, the point that Gregory makes is so far off-base and foundation-less that it actually points to a more racist attitude coming from him than it does from Newt.

On top of that, we have a generally accepted total population of just less than 309 million people… if all black people are on food stamps than we have a severe problem that could point to racism as a nation but certainly not as a Republican Party alone issue. How do people fall into food stamps land? They lose their jobs. Under Obama, our unemployment rate has consistently stayed high – higher than 9% again. Let’s avoid the controversial “U-6” listing of unemployment(conveniently controversial to the Democrats, but that will change when a Republican is President) which points to a significantly higher percentage of underemployed/unemployed people. It is a series of failed efforts by Obama to spur new jobs that maintained such high numbers. Sure President Bush’s last years in office contributed to getting us here but what has Hopey-Changey done for us? Stalled an  anemic economy, choked off business growth, and driven more people into government assistance. By the way… there were no policies from either guilty party that selected black folks to be the only ones who get stuck on the ‘S.S. Food Stamps Titanic’. The sinking ship is made up of virtually every ethnicity and in somewhat proportionate numbers based on economic/social positioning, not racial lines.

Point being that there are plenty of people in America and too many of them are unemployed. Way too many are on food stamps. But nowhere is there a plan to target blacks by Republicans. There is no data to support such a baseless and defamatory question like the one David Gregory asked. To anyone on the left or right, who has a brain, you will see that it was a bogus attempt to project a negative smear on a Republican presidential candidate that just doesn’t stick.

This is what the folks on the left and especially the left-leaning media personalities have done for two years to the Tea Party and this is what we will see a lot more of as we head into 2012. It is a clear attempt to trash the Republicans straight out of the blocks. What are the candidates supposed to do? They need to get airtime on television and they can’t just stick to Fox but if they go on the mainstream media outlets, they will have to put up with such garbage.

The race card will be leveraged to it’s maximum… but just as President Obama and the Democratically controlled Congresses from 2007 -11 leveraged our debt to a breaking point, this too will fail. We have to be stronger than them… it is fatiguing to say the least but we know that we are better than this. We must rise above the attacks and they will show themselves for what they are: race-hustlers, race-baiters, and racists.

In the meantime, we need to keep our eyes on the important things and not get mired down in the mucky swamp that the democrats will be slinging mud from. 2012 is about America’s restoration, not a return to it’s racially divided history as the Democrats want it.

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7 Responses to David Gregory’s attack on Newt Gingrich is just another progressive use of the liberal race card

  1. Otis P. Driftwood says:

    If the left could not play the race card they would have NO cards to play. So they manufacture racism where none exists. Sort of like having a solution to a problem that doesn’t exist then making a problem to fit that solution – a long-time progressive practice.

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