The Wit Of Fred Thompson

Witches, warlocks and pagans now have their very own chapel at the Air Force Academy – a special worship space for cadets of Earth-centered religions.

Great. Next the atheists will demand that a chapel be built just for them to not go to.


After a jobs report was released showing unemployment was back up to 9%, Nancy Pelosi described it in a Tweet as “good news”.

Nancy, the only time rising unemployment is good news is when it’s among elected Democrats.


Singer Sheryl Crow said that she has “mixed emotions” about the death of bin Laden.

I know what she means. On the one hand, there’s the joy, but it’s all mixed up with this feeling of elation.


A new study shows that only about 50 percent of Afghan military forces will be able read and write at the 1st grade level by January 2012.

I didnt realize that our education establishment had been so involved in their training.

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