Video shows pro-Palestine/anti-Israel movement disrupting Pastor John Hagee’s event in support of Israel.

The video that is included in this post was uploaded by some of the supporters of this anti-Israel movement…. The message that accompanies the video is as follows: “san antonio community organizers stood in solidarity with palestine on may 15 2011 and disrupted Cornerstone Church’s “honor to israel” service performed by john hagee.” and the video is uploaded by a screen name of ‘riotsareforlovers’.

I have posted articles of my opinion on how Christianity is under attack. I have posted comments about Christianity being forced to subjugate itself to other religions. These points are being lost on the minds of some but it is clear that there is a forced grassroots movement that has been around for a while that wishes to see Christianity separate from Judaism. It has become a slightly more vocal movement in the recent two years and now they are emulating the tactics of Code Pink, Socialists, Communists, and other leftist groups like’s Republicorp.

These groups are acting with full support of the Obama administration and the President himself. On top of that, too many on the left wish to make excuses for or continue to stand on the sidelines because the voices come from their side of the political spectrum whether they agree or not. It is these people who I feel have no conscience or respect for America… they will witness our country devolve into a third world type of society full of third world malaise. Our country is better than this stuff but it is only as good as its weakest link… I’m looking at you on the left, guys. You are our weakest link. Do you want to be that broken link someday? It’s time to rise above political ideologies and stand for America. Fix the holes in her sides so we can right the ship again. We can address our own internal problems as a united front while we defend America against the attacks of the outsiders. Here is the video, more commentary will follow afterwards…

Good grief… this is like a dang cult following. These people are beyond sick… We are experiencing some of the worst in American values under this current progressive atmosphere. It is one thing to have a different opinion and to speak it with respect to the type of environment you are in, then there is the way of community organizers who think that civil disobedience also includes inappropriate civil disruptions.

What kind of group would enter a church and conduct themselves this way? This isn’t even acceptable in the political arena in America. We have come to expect a certain level of decorum and yet we are seeing this stuff crop up in town hall meetings across America… now we see this unruly mob mentality in churches and places of worship? Where is the outcry from the left? They obviously support this. The left refuses to stand on proper conduct… anything goes, so long as their message gets out there, right?

This is a long way away from anything Martin Luther King, Jr set out doing in the civil rights era. There is one reason why that movement was a success and the opposite is true of the Nation Of Islam in Malcolm X’s days or the Black Panthers were not. It was about a respectful voice that rises above all of the others… asking for respect by demonstrating it. Bullying tactics don’t lend any credence to an injustice nor do acts of disrespect.

King was able to get his message across because he understood good human behavior… X lost his message in displays of vitriol and hate. This is not meant to be a primer for the left to see the errors of their ways, merely a pointed example of what a true message is versus one that is based on hate for others. X spoke of blue-eyed devils and hate for whites and Jews. These anti-Israel folks speak of hate for the Jews. It’s the same thing as what X was trying to get across… hate. Hate for others. Destroy all of those other ones… rule over them… subjugate them… hate them… It wasn’t until the end of Malcolm X’s life that he finally saw the error of his ways. He took his religiously mandated hajj to Mecca and realized that all of the hate that he harbored was wrong. He finally came to his senses and had denounced Elijah Muhammad… it cost him his life. He was killed by members of the very faith, movement, and church that he served most of his life, the Nation Of Islam. To be fair, he did not stand against Islam or blacks at the end of his life. He only stood in opposition to what the Nation Of Islam had been pushing.

This whole anti-Israel/pro-Palestine movement doesn’t even rise up to the level of legitimacy of or even deserve the respect of our attention. But we must pay attention. It is the kind of evil that we must watch carefully and try with all of our might to eradicate from the social consciousness of America. It isn’t because their cause is being misrepresented by these fools, either. It is because it is a false position; one that stands on no merit at all. By yelling and screaming it doesn’t make their perspective any truer or more honest either. That only serves to demonstrate the desperation of a failing movement.

If we as Americans don’t start standing up to this garbage, we will be dealing with it for years to come. It will never gain true momentum because the majority are too smart for it but it won’t go away on its own. This is not American in any way shape or form. President Obama and his administration chided us for enhanced interrogation techniques while telling us that they were not a part of American values… Well, is this behavior part of American values? Or are we redefining American values as we go? Do the American values suddenly change when a new President comes into office? For 200+ years, our country had one set of values… granted they teetered periodically depending on what party was in the highest office but for the first time ever in American history, it feels like our values have been scrapped for a whole new set of ideals based on a community organizer who doesn’t value America, Israel, Judeo-Christian beliefs, or even a constitutional republic-style governance.

I urge all of those to the left of me… please examine your inner faith carefully. I urge you to examine your belief in what America stands for. I urge you to please consider what freedom means and what liberty really is. Please consider that American liberty is not defined by the power in charge, it is defined by the original intent of the Constitution. America stands for bringing out the very best in it’s citizens, not having the power in charge define what is the best for America. America is full of freedoms but that doesn’t mean that we must allow everything… we must guard our liberty against attacks that will diminish our ability to possess the freedoms that we cherish so much.

You see, there is no true respect for opinion or dissent within these movements… challenge them and you will be cast off and become a target for the worst of mankind. It is a message based on hate and one that will always end in hate. One thing is certain… Hate is not an American value. When can we expect the President to speak up about this hate-filled behavior in American churches? We’ll be waiting but it’s likely that he will be on the golf course again.

Let it be known, I support Christians United For Israel and I stand with Israel. I stand in opposition to those elected leaders who seek to harm American values and the groups that operate under them.

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4 Responses to Video shows pro-Palestine/anti-Israel movement disrupting Pastor John Hagee’s event in support of Israel.

  1. These animals will use any tactic at all to divide and splinter what they see as the the ends justify the means.

    • You are absolutely right, Jim! And they are showing themselves to be animals…. void of all human sense of right versus wrong. Most animals are able to learn right from wrong though… this species of animal that we see here only excel at doing wrong. They know the difference but they revel in doing wrong. What a miserable existence it must be for them.

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  3. Jen says:

    These people are a disgrace and certainly are NOT ‘peaceful protestors’. Instead they show total lack of respect for themselves, others, and the Church. I bet they would declare death to an ‘Israel supporter’ if one marched into their church and acted as these people did. This video shows the total disregard and intolerance the Palestine people have of Christians and Jews.

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