Video: Allen West Addresses Yet Another Heckler

More great leadership from Allen West…

I don’t know about you, but I for one am sick of these Code Pink whackos! For all of the garbage that was thrown about by the left saying that the Tea Party Movement is astroturf… the idiots on the left need to take a look at what they are fabricating! Talk about whackjobs…! What is with pink duct tape on their mouths? I realize that you are trying to make a statement but at least have a factual basis for the statement! No one has taken your voice away. No one has taken your right to speak in a civil manner away. No one has taken your “Democracy” away… But if you keep acting like idiots, your selected leaders will take all of our rights away. But then again, liberals, Democrats, and lefties…. that IS what you want, isn’t it? I would say that you are pulling the wool over your own eyes but I don’t think you are anymore. I think that you are all a bunch of liars. You try to put the best possible light on whatever you stand for while you act a different way…. just like President Obama: say one thing but do something TOTALLY different. You guys deserve each other.

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3 Responses to Video: Allen West Addresses Yet Another Heckler

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  2. Peggy Denson says:

    Isreal is a nation and only has a small part of the earth. They have a right to exist.
    Some people just can’t be happy unless they are causing problems and always hating other people.

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