Video(and rant): Capitalism In One Lesson

At nearly 15 minutes, this video may be a bit longer than most of those that I post but I thought this video was well done and very worthwhile in its information. Hopefully my readers will feel the same way… Over the last few years the overall attitude towards capitalism is has undergone a shift. There has seemingly always been a message coming from the left that capitalism is evil and that a more socially equal type of economy is right for man – socialism. It has become an ever-growing impression that capitalism has led to greed and unfettered profiteering. That is a wrong idea. That’s not to say that capitalism doesn’t generate revenue or profits or that capitalism hasn’t produced greed in some people. In fact, greed can undoubtedly be an outcome of uninhibited free market capitalism… but greed is not caused by capitalism, it is merely a by-product of people without sounds business ethics or personal morals. Of course most folks will also recognize greed as one of the “seven deadly sins” that we’ve been warned about.

It is an inherent flaw in man to want more of a good thing but does that mean that man should not have a good thing? In the business world, man should have the freedom to design, build, and reap the rewards of his own work ethic. If he is greedy, he will fail… à la Bernie Madoff, Kenneth Lay of Enron fame, and let’s not overlook the execs at The New York Times either. Just to throw it in the face of the lefties who love the New York Slimes Times… Last year, top executives at The New York Times were busted for pillaging while laying off employees.

Moral of the story: man is fallible but man must be allowed to learn from his own errors and not be ruled by a government full of “know better than you’s” telling him how to run his business. There is a genuine need for certain types of regulations such as those for protecting us from fraud but over-regulation will stifle business growth and cause further economic depression. Only an uninhibited market can thrive at meeting man’s true needs. We live in a free society(we do still, right?) and in order to fulfill the needs of free citizens, we need to let man decide what he wants, needs, and how much it is worth to him.

By the way, as a side note… for those lefty socialist engineers who don’t get the basic principles of individual responsibility and liberty versus socialist sharing, go read The Little Red Hen by Little Golden Books. The outline of the book is this: The hen finds a grain of wheat and decides to grow a wheat plant. When she asks for help from her friends, they all decline because they want to do other things like fish and play. All through the process she asks for help but they all say no. When it comes time to eat the bread she made from the wheat that she grew, they all came running for some bread. She told them that she would eat it herself… and she did! Yay for capitalism and for individual liberty.

Anyways, now that this post has gone almost completely off topic, here is the video that I set out to post before getting all worked up on another anti-socialist rant…

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3 Responses to Video(and rant): Capitalism In One Lesson

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  2. It’s too bad that liberals don’t watch videos like that.

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