The Wit Of Fred Thompson

In an interview, Osama bin Laden’s son Omar said that burying Osama at sea “demeans and humiliates his family”.

Right. We should’ve buried him under a collapsed building.


The Obama administration is pushing banks to start offering sub-prime mortgages to high-risk customers again.

How come liberal economic solutions always seem to involve doing more of what got us in trouble in the first place?


According to bin Laden’s captured diaries, he was busy plotting ways to kill as many Americans as possible in a single attack.

And now he’s not. Thank you Navy SEALs.


A recent sudden spike in DC gas prices has propted a criminal investigation.

Anybody else think their first stop should be a visit to the guy who keeps saying we shouldn’t drill?


Aviation experts say there’s no explanation for the recent “outbreak of insanity” on planes.

Here’s a hint: it rhymes with “adical Islam”.

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