Video: Allen West is our “George Washington

This IS what leadership looks like, not that failed “Comedian-In-Chief” that was demagoguing down in Texas…

It is time for real change in America… Change our President to restore real leadership!!! Get rid of President Pitching Wedge!!

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4 Responses to Video: Allen West is our “George Washington

  1. Otis P. Driftwood says:

    Living here in Florida I have heard and seen a lot of Allen West. And I am always amazed whenever I see or hear him again. The man is a LEADER. As opposed to the puppet we have now.

    • I completely agree. From the days before the election, I kept referring to Obama as a bobbnle-head and he is continuing to prove me right. He is failure epitomized.

      What part of Florida are you in? I’m in District 8. Alan Grayson’s former district… Good riddance! LOL To be specific, I’m in Southwest Orlando.

      • Otis P. Driftwood says:

        I’m up in NE Fla – Jacksonville. I grew up in Orlando. Moved to Altamonte Springs for high school – Lyman 1970.

      • So do you fall in District 3? Mike Yost ran against Corrine Brown last year and I have to say… he is a fine candidate. A very well-spoken man, he is the epitome of a citizen legislator if there is one. He owns a car repair business which he shut down to campaign against Corrine. He lost quite handly to a politically and ethically bankrupt incumbent but I have high hopes that he will run again. He is not in my District but I’m thinking that if he does make the decision to run again, I will try to work on his campaign down at this end of D-3 next time.

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