Three radical Islamist Imams arrested in Pakistan. Oh, wait… they are from South Florida

Earlier today, news broke of three men involved in funneling money to the Pakistani Taliban from South Florida mosques. The following are excerpts from the article in the Sun-Sentinel…

 The money they collected, prosecutors said, was intended to be used to buy guns, support militants and their families and operate an Islamic school with militant ties. Prosecutors say the group discussed killing Pakistani officials and had desires to kill American troops.

U.S. Attorney Wifredo Ferrer announced the indictment of Hafiz Muhammed Sher Ali Khan, a 76-year-old Miami resident, along with two sons: Irfan Khan, a 37-year-old Miami resident, and Izhar Khan, a 24-year-old North Lauderdale resident. Izhar Khan, is an imam at the Jamaat Al-Mu’mineen Mosque in Margate, according to a release from the U.S. Attorney’s Office.

Whoa… surprise! They’re “muslim activists”!

The three – along with three residents of Pakistan – are charged with providing support for a conspiracy to murder, maim and kidnap people overseas as well as conspiring to support to a foreign terrorist organization.

FBI agents arrested Hafiz Khan after morning services at his mosque in Miami and did the same with Izhar Khan in Margate. Irfan Khan was awaken by agents at a hotel in Los Angeles at 3 a.m. Pacific coast time and arrested.

Religion of peace? Not hardly… they are booked on conspiracy to murder, maim, and kidnap. The U.S. Attorney in charge of the bust has his head on straight…

“Despite being an imam, or spiritual leader, Hafiz Khan was by no means a man of peace,” Ferrer said in his statement. “Instead, as today’s charges show, he acted with others to support terrorists to further acts of murder, kidnapping and maiming. But for law enforcement intervention, these defendants would have continued to transfer funds to Pakistan to finance the Pakistani Taliban, including its purchase of guns.”

…If convicted, each faces a potential 15 years in prison for each count of the indictment. The other three are at large in Pakistan, according to the U.S. Attorney’s Office. They are Ali Rehman, aka “Faisal Ali Rehman;” Alam Zeb; and Amina Khan, aka “Amina Bibi.” Amina Khan is the daughter of Khan and her son, Alam Zeb, is Khan’s grandson.

The three South Florida residents are originally from Pakistan but are U.S. citizens, according to the press release. Hafiz Khan is the imam at the Miami Mosque, also known as the Flagler Mosque, in Miami.

And would you believe… Of their closest friends and family, no one had any idea at all…

Family and friends of the Khans were shocked by the arrests.

Ikram Khan, another son of Hafiz Khan and a Miami taxi driver, said his father was too old and sick to be involved in such events. He said the family has lived in the United States since 1994.

“None of my family supports the Taliban,” Ikram Khan said. “We support this country.”

Hafiz Khan lives next to the mosque. His wife answered the door there, but told reporters she did not speak English.

Arif Baig, a 50-year-old Pakistani who runs a convenience store in Little Havana, said he could not believe the allegations and questioned if law enforcement was stereotyping the elder Khan.

“What a stupid thing to say,” Baig said. “He is an old man. People who come to this country send money back home.”

He added, “There is not even a 1 percent chance that he would do this.”

Before anyone wants to start the “Rush to judgment!” or “Witch hunt!” crap, this was a longtime ongoing process for these sick people…

In addition, the indictment alleges the elder Khan supported the Pakistani Taliban through an Islamic school that he founded in the Swat region of Pakistan. Khan allegedly used the school to provide shelter for the Pakistani Taliban and has sent children from his school to learn to kill Americans in Afghanistan.

Law enforcement agents recorded a phone call in July 2009 in which the elder Khan called for an attack on the Pakistani Assembly that would resemble the September 2008 suicide bombing of the Marriott Hotel in Islamabad, Pakistan.

On another occasion in September 2010, agents recorded a conversation in which Hafiz Khan stated that he would provide that individual with contact information for Pakistani Taliban militants in Karachi. Upon hearing that mujahideen in Afghanistan had killed seven American soldiers, he declared his wish that God kill 50,000 more.

…At the press conference, federal officials said the probe started three years ago when transactions were flagged and grew to involve wiretaps and eavesdroppings.

According to the allegations, from about 2008 through November 2010, the six provided money, financial services and other support to the Taliban. The Pakistani Taliban, according to the FBI, is a Pakistan-based terrorist organization formed in December 2007 by an alliance of radical Islamist militants.

So, what if the close friends and family can’t identify the Islamic radical terrorists who are trying to hurt America, then how are we supposed to? There is a whole lot of taqiyya going on and the Liberals are buying it up wholesale. Guess what else you are paying for with your ignorance… you are paying for terrorists to continue to operate in America to seek it’s ultimate demise. Oh wait… are you guys playing for the same team? Sure seems like it!

By the way… did anyone catch that they are Imams… in America?!?! Time to wake up and take the hijab off your heads liberals… before they take your heads off!

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