The role of Christianity in America. Where is our American Exceptionalism going?

Faith was an absolutely critical cornerstone to the founding of our nation and it can be found throughout ALL of the founding documents including the Declaration of Independence and the Consitution. To all of those who think that some new form of religious hodge-podge experiment was the intention of the creators of this government, you couldn’t be further from the truth. The founders wanted a government free of telling them what to do based on religion but not a government that didn’t celebrate it’s Judeo-Christian building blocks. It was the Founders’ belief that God speaks to all of us individually, not to the government who then relays it to us, i.e. monarchy and theocracies.

Our Founders knew that if we were to endure as a nation, we must honor His existence and abide by His will. We were given a great charter to follow as a nation… the Constitution. It is a charter that sets our nation’s path for all of it’s future endeavors. It is a charter for the nation to live and breathe… However, the Founders also knew that the Constitution was limited in its ability to guide the citizens of America. They designed the Constitution for the sole purpose of guiding a principled people… a people that were well in tune with morals and the sound teachings that come from a Biblical understanding.

“We have no government armed with power capable of contending with human passions unbridled by morality and religion. Avarice, ambition, revenge or gallantry would break the strongest cords of our Constitution as a whale goes through a net. Our Constitution is designed only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate for any other.” ~ John Adams

It is the new era of attacks on Christianity that are doing the most harm to our freedoms and our rights as individuals. In the name of anything that is anti-Christian today, people are trying to spread religious expansion with the intent of shaking the moral base of our citizens. Whether it is hardline Islamic imams who want to see the eradication of Jews and now Christians(see Egypt and what’s happening to the Coptic Christians) from the planet or some new-fangled heterogeneous mixture of religious tenets from diverse faiths and cultures.

So many folks are celebrating ‘free-religion’ the way that the era of the ’60s celebrated ‘free-love’… both of which fly in opposition to the core principles of America. It is en vogue for people to attach themselves to new-age religious teachers who profess age-old religions in a new way. The problem is, that like the newer interpretations of Christianity, these teachings don’t honor the religions that they are trying to assimilate to. They are merely the fibrous breakdown of the original religions too.

People glom onto these religions because it eases their conscience… they can do whatever suits their lifestyle or their daily habits while still professing to be religious. In fact, most of these people act as thought they are deeply religious when in actuality, they may be some form of spiritual believer but it is not readily identifiable which religion that they are following. They are merely souls wandering about with no real sense of direction or purpose, They ramble through life serving themselves while administering a religion that they say comes from within themselves. Only they know what is right and what is wrong because they are writing the religion as they go.

In the late 60s and early 70s, we saw the early growth of the Hare Krishnas here in America… you know, the guys who looked like they hadn’t seen the sun in the last 20 years because they were in the airport jingling their tambourines and doing a dance while chanting “Hare Krishna,etc”. They are a part of a new dictum of the Hindu faith but they only date back to 1966 and New York, not 6,000 years old or in the Indus Valley region. Sure, they espouse Hindu teachings but it’s on a modern level and not the truest form of Hindu faith. For many of those who are on the fringes of these teachings, they aren’t pracicing Hindu, they are merely aligning with a religious consciousness that allows them to have faith in their lives without feeling like they contradict themselves.

Since that time, there have been multitudes of little niche “religions” based on free-will and unbridled selfishness. People are always looking to live the way that they choose and Americans are definitely at the forefront of that lifestyle. Heck, our nation has a Declaration of Independence saying that we are free. We have a Constitution that says we can exercise “freedom of religion”, so we must be a nation that defies true religious belief, right? Wrong. We are a nation that says at the very core of it’s existence, we must be held together with a strong belief in a greater being, God.

Our Founders created a nation that knew a Biblical God and set forth a nation whose future was permissive of those who sought to practice their religion as they saw fit as long as the people were fully aware that their eye must remain on God if this country was to survive. We welcome those who practice other faiths in their own way and in their own religious institutions. We weren’t meant to allow those beliefs to subjugate ours and we certainly weren’t meant to homogenize ours with theirs to form a “new understanding” of a higher belief.

As Americans, as Christians, we should not permit this continued debasing of our religion or it’s direct connection to the founding of our nation. There are plenty of agnostic folks who don’t run around trying to shake Christianity from America but there sure are a lot of “religious” people who want to promote every other religion with the clear intent of denouncing Christianity and its sound morals. As we lose our Christian base, our Constitution loses its backbone. Without our Constitution, America is like any other country who lives without purpose or desire for greatness. We would no longer be a Constitutional Republic and fall to the level of other republics… like China, Venezuela, or Cuba.

It was our Christian religious foundations that made America exceptional in Alexis de Tocqueville’s eyes. I want to see that same American exceptionalism once again, with my own eyes… how about you?

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3 Responses to The role of Christianity in America. Where is our American Exceptionalism going?

  1. We weren’t meant to allow those beliefs to subjugate ours and we certainly weren’t meant to homogenize ours with theirs to form a “new understanding” of a higher belief.

    Other religions shouldn’t subjugate Christianity. However they practice is not better or worse than Christianity, it just is. Now, on homogenizing. I don’t think Christians should have a problem with it. If they’re secure enough in their faith, other religions who integrate Christianity into their teachings shouldn’t bother them. You just simply agree to disagree.

  2. RichJ says:

    I think Spinny must have missed the whole point of the article, and subjugation of other religions: who is doing that? Either Christianity did or did not have a major role in the founding of America. Other religions played no part in this. The evidence is absolute overwhelming to anyone but the biggest liar. On an even playing field Christianity will always win. That is why the separation of church and state doctrine is being reversed today – to try to silence Christians.

    • I agree RichJ. As far as Spiney’s statement “I don’t think Christians should have a problem with it. If they’re secure enough in their faith, other religions who integrate Christianity into their teachings shouldn’t bother them. You just simply agree to disagree.” That too misses a very important point…Christianity isn’t like a sectional couch, or a mix and match outfit…its either all or nothing. Either you accept Jesus as the Son of God and accept all of Christianity in it entirety or it ceases to be of any real eternal good to you…The Bible talks about people being “lukewarm” Rev 3:16 “So then because you are lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spew you out of my mouth.” That is what God is referring to…you can’t pick and choose what you like about Christianity and table the rest…its not smorgasbord style religion. As far as “agreeing to disagree”, that would be up to us as well…We are told as Christians to be fruit inspectors. We do not want our Biblical Christianity to be diluted by New Age-Progressive :Christianity” which is just the same old lie. Eric is correct that people glom onto a watered down version of kum-bah ah Christianity for many reasons, one important one in my opinion is because they don’t want someone to the the boss of them… like say… God, they want to have their cake and eat it too…unfortunately it doesn’t work that way…THEY want to decide the rules of the game…again it doesn’t work that way…God is in control, He makes the rules…

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