Video: *Audio* Sen. Rubio On Bill Bennett’s “Morning In America”

Senator Marco Rubio discusses what it’s like to conduct business in the Senate, how to confront our debt crisis and the way forward in the Middle East on the Bill Bennett’s “Morning America.” You will likely get a little insight into what you already believe to be true about D.C. and how it works…

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2 Responses to Video: *Audio* Sen. Rubio On Bill Bennett’s “Morning In America”

  1. You’re right. He is telling the world what we already know. The system stinks.

    • Thanks Jim… It is preaching to the choir but sometimes the choir falls asleep due to a repetitive and bland seminar that has nothing to do with what is really relevant. We could yell that the system stinks until we’re blue in the face but some people will never hear it. We just have to rely on those of us who know how broken it is to get the right people into a position to start fixing it…. that’s why you and I and so many other bloggers that we know keep going… even when we feel beat down.

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