Video: Congressman West on Osama bin Laden and Pakistan

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2 Responses to Video: Congressman West on Osama bin Laden and Pakistan

  1. Otis P. Driftwood says:

    Allen West is a breath of fresh air. He is always articulate (NO teleprompter) and never hesitates when asked a question – even the tough ones. A lot of folks are tossing his name around for 2012. I think that might be a tad early – let him make a little more rep for himself and possibly for 2016. Only if Palin/Cain – Cain/Palin decide not to run. Imagine this – a Cain/West or West/Cain ticket. The Tea Party could run 2 Blacks and quite possibly kick B. Hussein Obama’s buttocks back to Chicago. Where’s the racism now?

    • I completely agree with your assessments too. I am so stuck in a quandry with him. I believe(as I’ve said so many times on here) that he IS the future of America and I’m afraid our future can’t wait. But then I quickly realize that if he goes in as Pres, he will only serve America for 8 more years if we’re lucky and I think we are looking at about 16 years of correction to fix our ailing country. The damage done in two years under Obama will easily take 8 years to repair and then there are the previous 16 years of bad ideas between Clinton and sad to say W. (W caved to the libs too much and now we have some housekeeping from his tenure as well)

      When I look at our issues, I see a two-fold concern… economy/government meddling and social/moral issues. We’ve lost our moral compass as a nation… whether one is agnostic or devoutly religious, I think one has to recognize that we are making some poorly advised decisions that are breaking down our abilities to maintain true individual liberty because our concerns are about being fair, not encouraging personal responsibility and accountability. To restore these matters, I see a need for a leader who is morally right and who is fiscally smart. This calls into mind people like Paul Ryan, Sarah Palin, Allen West, and Herman Cain for me. Mix them in any order and get them elected to the highest office is my opinion.

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