Politically Correct or Morally Correct? What Is The Purpose Of American Life?

Everyday that passes, I realize how much more our country needs a true leader, one who has their priorities in order. We need someone who can remind us of what matters most to us all so that we can once again experience American Exceptionalism. We’ve lost our moral compass, we’ve lost our direction as a nation, and we’ve got no inclination of what strong leadership looks like anymore. We are mired in a muck of moral subjugation to political correctness. Being nice and being morally correct, although seemingly similar, are indeed very different. Political correctness is merely making nice with everyone, even at the expense of a moral base.

As we are watching our country devolve into a mixture of dissimilar cultural abstracts that will not meld into a strong and unified nation, we are witnessing the loss of those things that we love so much as Americans. We’re losing our liberty, our freedom, and our pride in knowing what is right and just. Political correctness has eroded the moral foundations of our nation. Those of us who rely on God to be our guiding light, our divine direction, understand that we must be measured in our tolerance. We judge everything from the pillars of our religious teachings. Rather than bypass the Bible, we choose to keep it as our resource of all that is right and fair.

However, there is now an resurgence of political correctness that has begun to unravel the fibers of our great nation. It is coming from the mainstream left. It used to be from the far-left years ago but it has now permeated into the very core of the Democratic Party. We are now seeing Democrats speak against the dictates of their “professed” religions.(I’m speaking to you, Nancy Pelosi[Catholic] and Harry Reid[LDS] and SO MANY others on the left) We see Catholics in the Democratic Party standing FOR abortion. We see them standing in opposition to morally correct decisions about ending the lives of unborn babies. If they were going to follow the teachings of their religion, they would be advocating for abstinence until married but instead they have run around morals and are now relying on political correctness…

“We can’t tell women what to do with their bodies if they’re pregnant and want an abortion.” and “We have no rights to tell them not to end that pregnancy.”

Well, how about we start telling them what to do before they get pregnant? How about we start telling them that if they take a known and calculated risk that they must stay the course with the results. If a woman doesn’t want to have an unplanned baby, then maybe she isn’t ready to take the gamble either. Perhaps she needs to set her priorities straight first. Perhaps she needs to become familiar with what God wants her to know and to understand. Political correctness is removing us further from God everyday and that is exactly why we are facing this dilemma(and others).

We are also dealing with some serious threats from terrorists within America today, yet we are handcuffed in addressing them head-on by political correctness. “Oh, we shouldn’t offend them.” “We don’t want to hurt their feelings.” “How would you feel if…” “You can’t group them altogether.” My answers are simple, im order… Who is offended when a terrorist kills innocent humans? Whose feelings are hurt? I would feel as though someone is looking out for the best of my country and her citizens. And as for grouping them altogether… How about they separate themselves! They aren’t differentiating themselves at all from the terrorists. They aren’t raising a collective voice to take back their supposed “religion of peace” from those who are killing in the name of Islam.

I am not a Terry Jones fan by any stretch… BUT he is entitled to act within the Constitution. Recently, he went to Detroit to hold a demonstration in front of a mosque… Why Detroit? Because Detroit has one of the fastest growing and largest muslim communities in America. What happened while he was up there? He was refused permission to have an organized event. On top of that he was also jailed. He and his supporters did manage to hold a speaking engagement and the muslim community came out in full threatening force. They pushed through barricades and eventually riot police were brought in to help control the situation that was escalating. The problem was that the escalation was clearly one-sided. The muslims became very intolerant and very NON politically correct. They also showed a serious lack of morals. Terry Jones, however indecent you may view him as, is working to prove the intolerant nature of Islam and to show Americans just how much we are pandering to a religious Pandora’s Box.

I personally don’t advocate for the burning of the Qur’an because I don’t believe it is morally right for anyone to desecrate any other religion’s texts, idols, or places of worship. That attitude is not going full circle within the Islamic world and Jones is proving this through his actions. He burns a Qur’an and in response, Afghani’s killed 7 UN workers to show their displeasure. I see them burn my flag,  burn effigies of my Presidents(Obama included), destroy Christian churches, and burn Bibles… what is my response? I see them as showing themselves for the world to see. I loathe their actions and I am willing to stand up and have a response. Mine is peaceful but INTOLERANT.

I am becoming very familiar with the teachings of the Qur’an… I don’t pretend to know it all but I do read and learn about so that I can judge it with a real basis. Their actions are completely consistent with the teachings that come from their holy book and the hadiths that represent their pillars of faith and their rules of law.

Political correctness has put blinders on Americans and the only visibility now is through rose-colored lenses. The path leads to a false Utopia that is so beloved by the leftists in America that it will ultimately lead to many more deaths. A morally right America would look at all of this and say that we have a serious problem. We see how muslims are and we also now know that we cannot pretend that they are assimilating to American culture. We recognize that we are dealing with a savage mentality and that we must not be tolerant of them. We see them as examples of what we are not and what we mustn’t become. We do not associate with those who know no boundaries and have no value for life, especially innocent life.

We will stand strong against those who wish to change us. And we will always evaluate our actions with an eye on making sure that we are standing with God. We want to stand with God because our very existence is owed to Him and we are His children. We don’t want to disappoint Him and we will do our best to support and live by His very teachings. This is our salvation and for many of us, our purpose in life. We want to enrich others lives through sharing something so positive.

Politically correct people don’t have God commanding their decisions to be based on moral teachings. They rely on the “How would you feel if…” or, “That’s not very nice.” ways of viewing things. Their only barometer of how to live life is based on how they would want to be treated. That’s fine in a simplistic interpretation but something is missing… God. In basing their decisions without God they also avoid His judgment by living this way. They only judge their actions by their own opinions but have no greater reason for doing the right thing. They don’t measure it in the eyes of God, only in their own eyes. These people have become so detached from God that they choose not to even reference Him in anything they do… for fear of offending someone.

By comparison, atheists have no problem trashing religion or religious people. They actually seek out opportunities to hurt religious people by attacking their religion… They yell about religious people spreading the word of God, all while they run around spreading the word of ‘no God’ and in doing so, they show their very miserable existence. Political correctness and atheists go hand in hand because both avoid God and they both work in opposition to Him.

Whether the left wants to recognize it or not, this country was based on a religious foundation. We are a morally founded nation that believed in God as the divine inspiration for what we must do to live a free and proper life. The teachings of God run through every part of our historic founding documents. It was the intentions of the Founders to create a new nation, one that lived by the teachings of God as we know Him, not as the political leaders tell us how to know Him. They left behind a monarchy that told them God was speaking directly to leaders, as though God only spoke to the powerful. Our Founders believed that God was speaking to all of us and rightfully so.

It is because God speaks to us that we must base our decisions on what He is telling us, not on what we are telling ourselves. He lays out all of the necessary teachings in the Bible for us to read and draw our inspiration from. When we read it, we become enriched with His words. From this experience we are able to hear Him more clearly. We don’t fall back on trying to figure out if something is fair or unfair based on how we would feel if we were in their shoes because we have already tried to live right and NOT put ourselves in their shoes. Should we find ourselves in an uncomfortable position, we quickly assess whether we did wrong or were the victim of something far greater. If we did wrong, we accept our due process because we understand that God knows what we’re doing and we will ultimately answer to Him one day, regardless. If we are in a bad position because we are the victim of something far greater, we look to the cause and correct it the best way possible.

It is by those last points that I look to moderate muslims to suggest that they correct their religion. They need to speak to the radicals if they want their religion to be one of peace. Their book, their prophet Muhammad, and their way of living have all come to the point of demonstrating a religion that is not morally correct in any form of measure by any standard of human decency… even by politically correct standards. But yet, somehow, even the politically correct people are unable to understand true Islam because they still look through their rose-colored lenses.

I also look at the folks within Judeo-Christian based religions who are standing on the wrong side of God and Christ… Every life is precious, even those who have not yet met the world. Politically correct people want to tell us that every life is equal and that we should not frown upon others for making bad choices or for living a bad lifestyle. Well if every life is so equal, then isn’t a baby equal too? Whether born or unborn, a baby is a life and if we hold the same measuring stick up for one, then we must hold it up for the other. Politically correct folks don’t actually have a measuring stick… they have an excuse.

Religious people are aware of this expression: “When faced with a problem, don’t tell God how big your problem is, tell your problem how big your God is.” What do politically correct people say? “Just go away and don’t bother me.” We can’t run and hide from the problems that are here in America because they won’t go away… we must find our moral compass and our intestinal fortitude. We need to lead ourselves and we need to elect a leader who will restore our convictions in faith and country. We cannot survive going forward, wandering down the street with rose-colored blinders on any longer. It is time to take off the shades, pick our heads up, and become those Exceptional Americans again. Lead by doing… lead by example… and always know where our true leadership comes from… God.

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4 Responses to Politically Correct or Morally Correct? What Is The Purpose Of American Life?

  1. “We are mired in a muck of moral subjugation to political correctness.”

    Excellent. Poetic wording for an unpleasant truth: PC puts peoples “feelings” above objective morality.

    This is good post, but a bit thick. May I recommend in the future, after you write something like this, to look at ways to split it? For example, this essay could have been one post about the effect of PC on Christians, and another post about the effect of PC on our handling of Islam and terrorists.

    “When faced with a problem, don’t tell God how big your problem is, tell your problem how big your God is.”

    I’ve not heard this saying before, and I rather like it. I’ll try to remember it next time I feel overwhelmed. Which will probably be tomorrow, snort.

    Hope you have a great weekend, QwB.

    • Thank you… when I wrote this piece it was done in a hurried bit of calm between naps for my littlest one. I am finding less and less time to blog lately, what with three boys ruling the house now. LOL Little Eric turned four a couple of weeks ago and he can be the biggest help in the worl or he can drive me nuts! He reminds me of myself everyday.

      I agree that I should have split it… I had a lot more to say on each particular piece. When I set out to write it, it came to me exactly as it was written. The original thought was about a juxtoposition of political correctness and moral correctness however, as I got into it I quickly wound up detailing a bit more about Islam and about abortion than I had intended. It was a case of one piece writing itself into two pieces. I just didn’t have the time(nor the drive) to split it and expound on the ideas any firther. I was mentally drained afterwards.

      I’m surprised that you weren’t familiar with that expression… I had heard it years ago and thought it was more mainstream… I actually thought that I was out of touch when I heard it. LOL However, after I posted it here and talked with some other folks, I realized that it is a pretty much unknown expression… I fell in love with it when I heard it and I do fall back on it when I’m getting my butt kicked(which has been daily lately. HA!)

      Sorry for the VERY delyed responses… I have barely been able to keep up with my blog and when I do get on here, I post and run. I feel guilty for being less attentive to my comments(and my blog in general) and I will do a much better job in the future!


  2. I see on your “contact me” page that your name is Eric. Yay! I love when I get a first name. I’ve just added you to my blogroll Eric. Shoulda done it sooner. I’m not known for my housekeeping, LOL

    • Thanks Linda… I thought that I had added you to my blogroll but I see that I hadn’t. I have referred your blog to a few friends on facebook in the past so I am surprised that I hadn’t put yours on my list. I just realized that there are a couple to add and I will make sure that yours goes up right away. My housekeeping here and in my real home has lagged lately as well. LMAO!

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