Obama’s Birth Certificate… Real Or Not? Does It Really Matter?

Look, I don’t know and I don’t care whether that long-form birth certificate is authentic or not. What matters to me is honesty and integrity. He let people dwell on and blather on about his birthplace to act as a distraction. He can now shake his finger at everyone in condemnation as opposed to simply offering it up from day 1. Let’s not forget that John McCain was attacked for his birth certificate in ’08 as well. Did anyone call it racist? No. Did anyone say that this because he was a POW? No. Did he wait to provide it? No.

Did you know that you can find Hillary Clinton’s senior thesis from Wellesley College on-line? Oh look… it’s about Saul Alinsky. Great. Did you know that you can find George Bush’s college grades from Yale on-line? Look… he was an average student. Big deal. But can you find anything of President Obama’s anywhere? No… it’s locked up. Trevor Loudon at New Zeal Blog has been trying to access this stuf for years now to no avail.

So why all of the mystery? Why does President Obama have everything sealed away? Who has the lock and key? Is this all another plan to set up a finger wagging opportunity? Who cares anymore? I do… but for only the reasons of trust, honor, and integrity. Oh, and that other thing called “TRANSPARENCY”. Remember that? That was a campaign promise. And when you put a platform out there as part of your campaign, you had better be willing to act on it, if called to. Americans called for transparency and all they got was smoke and mirrors. We asked for an authentic document that would be quantifiable… what we got was an “almost as good” and we were told “trust me” by the administration. Well, what do you expect the outcome to be when people don’t trust you just because you said to… people will ask for real documents.

It’s not a race issue, it’s a trust issue. It’s an integrity issue. It’s about a promise of transparency.

To play games like he has, President Obama has shown that he believes he is above reproach. “There is no reason to question me… I’m the President.”

The honorable thing to do would be to say, “Hey. I’m qualified to be President. I was vetted thoroughly by the State Department and just to put you all at ease in the interest of asking you to trust me so that we can move on, here is the form that I provided to the State Department.” But bear in mind, that should have been said within the earliest days of brouhaha of his Presidency, not two and a half years later. Integrity says that I may be called upon to ensure truthfulness and I will provide all evidence to trust me as being honest and morally principled. Providing a “sort of” document and saying that there is no such thing as a long form birth certificate in Hawaii does not qualify as demonstrating integrity.

He took 2.5 years to step up to the plate to provide a reasonable doubt to the “birthers” claims. That was purely political posturing on his part. It gives him the upper hand now and he can act like he is above all of this non-sense. If you doubt that, listen to his press conference in which he addressed the release of the long form BC. He is full of smarmy smugness and condescension. He talked down to the doubters as though he was speaking from a righteous and upright position. It was never a guessing game… he was actually asked to provide it and he knew what was or was not on it. He didn’t guess right so he should never have had the arrogant bravado that he displayed.

The doubters may not be from his political party, but they are from his country. He has no right to talk to any of us like that. That is pure unabated arrogance and every American is his constituent. He owes us… not the other way around. We elected him as President not “holier than though-in-chief”, so he can drop the self-important attitude and remember that he is nothing other than a fellow American that we asked to speak for us all. Speak “FOR” not speak “AT” or “DOWN TO”. He is merely the highest representative of us… not a ruler of or dictator to us.

Even in his defense, whether anyone should persist further with the birth certificate nonsense is pointless and irrelevant. What we must remember is that should we move to impeach him, we are stuck with Joe Biden… the King of Gaffs. Where will that leave us? It will be a “big f’in deal” of a mess, that’s where. There is only one solution at this point… challenge the President on his policies and his leadership points. Both of which are easy targets for a qualified candidate who believes in American values.

Yes, I said “American values” because I do genuinely believe that President Obama does not espouse American values. Frankly, if you listen to him carefully, you would realize that he has said as much himself. Often, President Obama’s position of American failures seeps through in his rhetoric. He supported the decision of the State Department to send a letter to the UN denouncing America as being in violation of human rights because Arizona dares to challenge the Federal Government to uphold it’s Constitutional responsibilities to protect her sovereignty through securing her borders. Who does that? Obama does.

He is continuously apologizing to the world for America. He provides other nations with comfort who have long stood in opposition to American values and sought to bring an end to America. His policies are designed to change the American way – to bring an end to the free market capitalism that has long driven our economy and has been the spirit of American entrepreneurship and industry. His ruinous policies are crippling America’s ability to recover from the deep economic void that we are spiraling out of control towards.

He has given safe-haven and cover for those factions that want to bring an end to American Exceptionalism to gain traction and propagate in America thereby ensuring a future of attacks on America from the inside. This will continue to destabilize America and cause her to teeter for years to come.

He has shown his true colors over the last two and a half years. From here it looks to be mostly red with a splash of yellow. Perhaps I am being a bit strong in my assessment of him— he could just be a fan of Karl Marx for his beard— but his policies reak of Marxist ideal combined with empowerment. His “social change” agenda does not jive with American principles either. Somehow, we are expected to just let him do his thing and we’ll suddenly appreciate the outcome? Not likely.

If Republicans Conservatives are going to “Win The Future” then we must let go of this crap. Leave the Ringmaster Trump behind and focus on our country, not on a three ring circus that has Obama as a freak show side attraction. Let’s be honest, Trump isn’t even a RINO… he is a mess. I suspect he may be bought and paid for and is simply a pawn to split the Republican vote while leaving the GOP looking like fools with egg on their face. We have real challenges to face. Trump has spoken about them and that was how he got followers… then he went into la-la land. Planned design? Probably.

We DO have to face China and their growing economic power. We have to face the fact that we are so in hock to them that if they call in their debt we’d be better off having to face Don Corleone making us an offer that we can’t refuse. We DO have to face a growing muslim insurgency around the world and here at home. We DO have to face the lack of security along our Southern border. We DO have to face a significant permeation of Communism and Socialist groups in America. We DO have to face our anemic economy that is now on life support. We DO have to face the problem of our healthcare system… NOT our healthcare! Get rid of Obamacare! We DO have to fix our priorities with government spending and bureaucratic growth. We DO have to face the fact that we have lost our moral compass. We DO need to read the Constitution and the Federalist/Anti-Federalist Papers so that we know what it all means.

We need to come together as a country. Left or Right side of the political aisle, we all have heard and understand the expression, “United we stand, divided we fall.” We must ask ourselves whether we are standing together to make the country fall or are we going to stand together to heal our country. Lately, it would seem that the folks on the left want to stand together in order to bring about the fall of America as she stands today. Why? What will be left afterwards? What do they gain? If you don’t like America that much and want it to resemble another country… go to that country instead. You are NOT the voice of America, you are the voice of divisive anti-Americans.


It is for these reasons alone, I state that the President lacks integrity and honor. He demonstrated that again with the handling of his birth certificate and he will find more ways to demonstrate his shortcomings, unbeknownst to him. We will all witness it and we will all be talked down to again. Some things will not change… but then again, real “Change” can happen in 2012.

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One Response to Obama’s Birth Certificate… Real Or Not? Does It Really Matter?

  1. Gary says:

    as citizens, we are at times required to show our birth certificate, getting a new drivers license or a passport, when you are the elected President, and questions come up about your birth certificate, it may not be convenient, it is however your job, answering to the citizens, even those who didn’t vote for you, you work for them, unless-you are illegally elected, which might explain why you are not interested in the subject of your birth.
    Go on Oprah, that solves everything, less time and energy, resources, had you just released the document to begin with. Instead you pulled the elitist pig b.s.
    I am not a republican, I am not a democrat, democracy is not 2 parties.
    I am a citizen.

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