In His Own Words: Congressman Allen West’s Weekly Wrap-Up

Greetings to our Constituents, fellow Floridians, and all Americans, it is time for another weekly update. First, let me say Happy Passover, Happy Easter, and Happy Resurrection Day. I pray everyone enjoyed a special and family-oriented Holy Week celebrating restoration, redemption, and resurrection.

Along the lines of restoration, I feel it is time we had an honest conversation. I have been deeply humbled by the petitions and admonitions to pursue a higher office, realizing that I have only been a Congressional Representative for a tad over 100 days.

However, if we are to restore our Republic, we must realize that the real power in America resides in each of you and through you in the ‘People’s House,” the House of Representatives. Therefore, if we are to restore our Republic, we must redeem the importance of the “People’s House,” the House of Representatives, the place from which legislation emanates and has final approval. I believe it is imperative for me to be a part of the redemption of the title ‘Congressional Representative.’ And, frankly to me, if there is one cherished position in America, because of my belief in the importance of the House of Representatives to our democracy, it is Speaker of the House, the keeper of the voice of the American people.

Be careful of the “cult of personality” and the resulting elevation of “king” – which the Founding Fathers abhorred and fought against, and dare I say, seems what we now have. Take a lesson from the early days of Israel when the people clamored for a king, God gave them Saul, and the rest is well known.

I am right where God would have me, and, need I remind you all, we worked doggone hard to win this Congressional district…and will do so again in 2012. It is just exhilarating that the Democrat party has me at the top of its list to beat. I love a good fight.

Therefore, after Easter, let us endeavor to resurrect the true nature of the great Republic of America, which is the strength and power of its people. With a strong, conservative House of Representatives, a like-minded United States Senate, and a powerful, fearless Speaker of the House, the will of the People shall be done as they consent to be governed, not ruled but represented, not discarded but always heard.

So for now, let me be that which I promised the People of Florida’s Congressional District 22 I would be- a capable Legislator who represents them with Honor, Integrity, and Character. And lest you all be reminded, I take my sacred oath to the Constitution and the People quite seriously!

Legislative Update: This week we were not in session so there is no legislative update.

Highlights of the Week:

Monday, 18 April; First time ever visit to Tallahassee Florida, met with Governor Rick Scott, Lieutenant Governor Jennifer Carroll, Attorney General Pam Bondi, Agriculture Commissioner Adam Putnam, and State University System Chancellor Frank Brogan. As well, visited with Florida Chamber of Commerce and Associated Industries of Florida leadership and key members. After first 100 days, it was necessary to meet with State leadership and share our Visions for our Great State of Florida

Tuesday, 19 April; Met with the Florida Atlantic University Dean of the College of Business and spoke to the Veteran Owls organization along with campus President. Also, met with City leadership and key business leaders of the City of Coral Springs. Finished the day speaking to the Women Impacting the Nation group.

Wednesday, 20 April; Toured the Cyclone Technology site and watched their new technologies for revolutionizing modern steam engine development, promoting “green” energy solutions. See more info here

Spoke to the Lake Worth Chamber of Commerce and visited the Lockheed Martin Marine submersible development site in Riviera Beach.

Thursday, 21 April; Along with Pastor Bob Coy, addressed the student body of Calvary Christian Academy in Ft. Lauderdale; some great questions were asked by the students.

Later, I remained at Calvary Chapel and attended the Memorial Service of US Navy Lieutenant Matthew Ira Lowe who lost his life during an F/A-18 training flight operation. Matthew was 33-years-of-age and had been selected to be a member of the vaunted “Blue Angels.” Man gave Matthew wings which malfunctioned, God has now given him Wings which shall never grow weary and take him to heights unknown. God keep you young Warrior until we all meet at that hallowed place reserved for those who answered the call to serve.

In closing, my younger Brother Arlan turned 41 on Saturday. Happy Birthday little brother!

I have a full week ahead in Fl-22, packed full of meetings with small businesses, constituents and two town halls- click here for days and times.

Still, with all that occurred this week, Standard and Poor’s report, seeing John McCain in Libya, and the impending decision on the debt ceiling… I sure do wish we were back in DC. Our nation faces too many critical issues to not be on Capitol Hill.

Steadfast and Loyal,


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