Sean Hannity interviews Congressman Keith Ellison

For those who missed this, Sean Hannity had Representative Keith Ellison on his show to discuss statements made by Ellison in the past. These comments were regarding muslim radicals, false attacks on Fox News, and testimony at the Peter King hearings on the Radicalization of Muslims. In typical taqiyya-like fashion, Ellison would not answer any questions directly. It wasn’t until Hannity really kept the pressure on him that Ellison finally conceded that al Qaeda was a threat to America and possibly at war with America. However, no admission of guilt would be complete with significant attempts to redirect the question, to include other groups thereby mitigating the responsibility of the muslims, or to outright argue a completely different point altogether. Here it is…

Hannity did a pretty good job keeping Ellison’s feet to the floor. Ellison tried talking in circles, arguing conceded points, and even just talking over Hannity but ultimately he came off like your typical Liberal… completely void of substance. Like he did with his crocodile tears in the King hearings, Ellison proved what a phoney he is. He agrees to al Qaeda while not actually agreeing to the fact that it is radical Islam who has waged a war on America. He then spends a fair amount of time trying to include dangerous Christians and Jews in the group of terrorist threats to America. Let’s consider that for a moment… was it a Christian trying to light his shoe on fire? Nope. Was it a Jew trying to light his underwear on fire? Nope. Was it a bunch of Judeo-Christians on airplanes September 11th? Nope. Do we really want to try to claim that agnostic/atheist Timothy McVeigh was a Christian? Nice try but he wasn’t. He admitted as much before being executed.

If you want to know more about who exactly Keith Ellison is, try these couple of links….

A Closer Look At Keith Ellison’s Past

Keith Ellison’s Stealth Jihad

Louis Farrakhan’s First Congressman

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7 Responses to Sean Hannity interviews Congressman Keith Ellison

  1. And he was elected as a Congressman of the United States of America by the people of Minnesota. Unbelievable!

  2. He did call out FOX on their Islamophobia, though.

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