In His Own Words: Congressman Allen West’s Support of the Historic Budget Proposal from Congressman Paul Ryan

This came in a few days ago but as my regular readers and subscribers have noticed, my posting has been way down. I should have shared this when I got it on Aprils 15th….

House of Representatives Passes Historic Budget and
Begins Discussion on Future Role of Government

(Washington) —- Today, the United States House of Representatives passed H. Con. Res 34 – which establishes the budget for Fiscal Year 2012 – by a vote of 235 – 193. 

The Budget Proposal for Fiscal Year 2012 introduced by House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan (R-WI) brings non-security discretionary spending to below 2008 levels; eliminates $800 billion in tax increases imposed by Obamacare; and lowers tax rates for individuals, businesses and families by setting top rates at 25%.  

Furthermore, Chairman Ryan’s budget proposal protects the current Medicare program for Americans 55 and older, ensuring that the Government fulfills its promise to our seniors.  For our country’s future seniors, the budget proposal saves Medicare by offering future beneficiaries a premium support program similar to the Health Benefits offered to all Federal Employees. Despite the political rhetoric coming from the left, this budget plan protects those seniors 55 and older while ensuring that the promise of Medicare will be available to all Americans in the future.

“Today I voted in favor of Paul Ryan’s budget proposal because I believe it is a straight forward approach to reigning in our nation’s out of control debt and restoring fiscal discipline to our Federal Government,” said Congressman Allen West.  “At a time of nearly double digit unemployment, a public sector that’s outpacing the private sector, and a record high national deficit, Chairman Ryan’s budget will lower the deficit, create jobs and strengthen our economy.”

Chairman Ryan’s FY2012 budget will cut $6.2 trillion from the Federal Deficit over the next decade, a dramatic contrast to President Barack Obama’s budget, which would double the debt held by the public by the end of his first term and triple it by 2021.  Further, in contrast to President Obama’s budget that would raise taxes by $1.5 trillion, Chairman Ryan’s budget will balance the budget without raising taxes.

Congressman West continued, “For too long, politicians in Washington have forgotten that we answer to the American people.  For too long, Washington politicians have not treated the American people like adults, acting like children through excessive name calling, fear mongering, and outright lies.  As Representatives of the people, we in Congress have an obligation to have an honest discussion about the role of the Federal Government in each of our lives, lest we risk leaving our great country worse off for future generations of Americans.”

“South Floridians sent me to Washington with a clearly defined mission – use my vote in the United States House of Representatives to refocus the United States Congress on setting the conditions for economic prosperity through private sector job growth without leaving massive deficits on the backs of our children and grandchildren.  Paul Ryan’s budget proposal is an important step in achieving this goal.”

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