“Shutdown Averted”: Reflections on a DLCC email… Thankfully “elections have consequences”!

Somehow I have been added to a mailing list for the Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee. I have no idea how or why I started receiving this garbage spam mail but I did. I was getting around to unsubscribing to it when I came across this mailer that I got just this past Saturday (April 9th). It is about the budget agreement that was reached last week. I was PISSED when I read it. Look at the bravado, the deceit, the projection, and the out-right lies that are coming from the left and is being disseminated to their constituents and voters.

This email is EXACTLY as it came to me with the exception of the links… I disconnected the donation links. Sorry Libs, get yourselves on the mailer list so you can throw away your money on liars! The “bold print emphasis” is exactly the way that the email came… I left it as such so that you can see what they want the reader to remember. As I have said before, I once was a Democrat(15+ years ago) and I understand the dem mindset fairly well. I also know how the talking points are shared from above so as to get “the message” out there. This is a small peak into it as it comes from the DLCC. Undoubtedly, as I receive more of these mailers or I pour over the ones that I have already received, I’m sure that I will find other examples of the talking points nonsense.

The Republicans blinked.

They yelled and maneuvered and threatened throughout the budget standoff, holding one group of Americans hostage after another – low-income women, seniors, students, and even viewers of Sesame Street.

But today the Democrats have shown that they will not be bullied by the Tea Party into abandoning our core values.

Instead, we won. And the Republicans lost.

Now’s not the time to let up! Please contribute $10 or more to elect Democratic state legislators who oppose the GOP’s radical agenda!

PBS will remain on the air. Low-income women will continue to have access to life-saving medical care. Vital job-creation efforts have been saved from the GOP’s irresponsible cuts. The EPA will continue to have the power to do its job.

All these items and more represent stinging defeats for the Republicans, who’d assumed they could march to Washington and enact whatever radical social agenda they wanted – even if they’d kept it hidden during the campaign.

Not today they can’t – and they won’t ever if enough progressive Democratic legislators continue to stand in the way.

Help elect more Democratic state legislators who’ll fight back against the radical GOP agenda – can you contribute $10 or more to the DLCC?

Let’s be clear about what happened. President Obama and the Democrats didn’t get everything we wanted. The Republicans negotiated in bad faith until the very end, constantly moving the goalposts like they always do.

But at a certain point, Democrats made a demand of their own: Accept a deal that’s fair to both sides, or face the consequences alone.

And the Republicans folded like a cheap lawn chair.

This isn’t over – let’s not lose sight of that. The Republicans will keep trying to pass their radical agenda for as long as they cling to power.

And we’ll have to fight back even harder every time.

Michael Sargeant
Executive Director
The Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee

So, after reading that, did you notice how the Republicans are the one’s with “the radical agenda” and they “folded like a cheap lawn chair”… or how the Republicans ” negotiated in bad faith until the very end, constantly moving the goalposts like they always do.” As a former Dem, I have to tell you from my perspective that this one giant pile of turd sandwich. Even when I was a Dem I noticed that my party was the one who was moving the goalposts and was negotiating on false premises.

These people who willingly call themselves “progressive” still are the bottom of the barrel and are doing nothing short of absolute destruction and harm to our nation. If only it were the case that “elections shouldn’t matter as much as they do”, right Nancy Pelosi?

Thankfully, elections do have consequences…

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One Response to “Shutdown Averted”: Reflections on a DLCC email… Thankfully “elections have consequences”!

  1. Very interesting. I’m glad you shared. I’ve never even heard of the DLCC. You should stay on the email list, because that was rather illuminating.

    The funniest part is, I agree: the GOP blinked and folded like cheap lawn chairs. Well, the ones that voted “yes” to avoid shutdown. They are already admitting, too, that they won’t push on the debt limit. We’ve got a long haul peoples.

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