The Wit Of Fred Thompson

One of the Runaway Democrats from Indiana said that what he did was like serving in Afghanistan.

Which side?


The US military withdrew its warplanes from the international air campaign in Libya.

Probably to be replaced by kinetic military action planes.


Someone sent a bloody pig’s foot to Congressman Peter King.

Congress sure has changed. They used to send pork to their constituents.


A State Department spokesman said America is “deeply concerned” about China’s recent crackdown on dissidents.

Guess China’s President Hu misunderstood when we told him to “do more” on human rights.


President Obama is holding a budget summit with Congressional leaders, trying to avoid a government shutdown.

This is a waste of the Republicans’ time. Just Tweet @whitehouse “Dude. We’re broke. Stop spending.”


An Internal Revenue Service taks force known as the “wealth squad” is stepping up audits of high-income taxpayers.

They play rough, too. If you don’t pay your taxes, they make you an Obama appointee.


Disputing claims that he was out of touch, President Obama said “I remember what it was like to pump gas.”

Uh huh. And we remember what it was like to be able to afford it.

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