No posting today…

I want to apologize to my Questioning… readers as I won’t be posting anything today. I developed a fever last night and have been vomiting this morning.

All I want to know is, which one of you liberals put a voodoo hex on me?!?! Spinny… If it was you, we’re gonna have problems. 😉

I will be back at it as soon as I shake this bug. I am just really glad that Obamacare hasn’t been implemented yet… I would probably wind up waiting for care for a very long time if they knew about Questioning… LOL

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6 Responses to No posting today…

  1. lobotero says:

    I have been accused of a lot of things….from the crucifixion to WW2….if it was me…I apologize…..feel better…..BTW….that was a post….right? LOL Sorry could not resist……

    • LOL, lobo… Well if you’re willing to step forward and admit it, then that makes you braver than most! I always wondered why WW2 started!

      And you’re right. I posted a post saying that I wasn’t going to post! And now I have posted a reply. I’m a mess! Must be delirious now. LOL

  2. *tossing voodoo doll* No, no I would never do that. You can’t prove it either. 😉

    I had a bug like that – fever & vomiting. It was hell. Sorry. Take care of yourself, k?

    • Hahahaha!!! Are you sure that was a voodoo doll? You could just as easily get away with a tennis ball or anything that is as big around the middle as it is tall. LOL(just kidding. I’m not that heavy!)

      So this afternoon I decided to look in the mirror and see that I have strep throat to the extreme. Headed to an after hours clinic to get some medicine. I hate taking crap… that’s why I married a nurse. She is supposed to make me feel better without having to go to the doctor.

      Thank you for the concern Spinny! I hope you appreciated this EXTRA SPECIAL shout out!!! 😉

      • Haha I gotta keep it authentic man. Did I just confess?

        Um the only way to get rid of it is to take that “crap.”

        I did! I am super giddy now. Thanks Q. Rest up dude.

  3. Bunkerville says:

    I had it for almost a week. It was pure hell and I ended up having to get fluids at the hospital. Keep drinking, and not the hard stuff@!! Feel better soon.

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