Video: The Muslim Students Association pledge of allegiance

Typically, Sunday is my lighthearted posting day so I am sorry to post something so heavy and frustrating but I just found this. I think it is too important to not post. I ask everyone to listen to these words of a Muslim Students Association speaker. Think about it… how can we allow and tolerate this in America today? I don’t want to hear some garbage argument about 1st Amendment rights… that is BS! The 1st Amendment is being used against us to recruit revolutionary radical muslims into terrorist groups in America. It is time that we bring an end to this in America. For one moment, imagine this to be a Klan rally in the 50’s and 60’s, back when the Klan was gaining strength in numbers prior to MLK making a difference. We were under a horribly corrupt political attitude towards the civil rights problems back then just as we are under a horribly corrupt attitude towards Islamic radicalization today. It is imperative that if we are to preserve our God-given freedoms and unalienable rights that we take a stand against this kind of speech in America lest we have more shoe bombers, underwear bombers, and “who knows what type” bomber next! To that extent, I am speaking directly to the democrats and liberals who stand by muslims while claiming 1st Amendment rights protect this type of speech.

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