The Wit Of Fred Thompson

Former UN Ambassador John Bolton called Obama’s Libya speech “a dog’s breakfast”.

I respect John Bolton, but he went too far this time. What kind of monster would feed something like that to his dog?


President Obama accepted an award for government transparency – in a meeting that was closed to both press and public.

I swear, if this man ever gets in a car crash, they’ll give him a prize for traffic safety.


The town of Munson, Ohio is taking the word “Easter” out of its annual Easter Egg Hunt in order to avoid offending non-Christians.

While they’re at it, they should probably change the town’s name to “Munchild” to avoid sounding sexist.


On the Senate floor, Majority Leader Harry Reid said “the country doesn’t care much about the Tea Party”.

That’s true. Except, you know, during protest rallies, primaries, and elections.


President Obama said that slogans like “drill, baby, drill” are just “gimmicks”.

Uh huh. So what was “Hope and Change”, besides something more typically found in cow pastures?

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