Video: The Most Rude President

Pay attention to the Presidential desk…

That desk is iconic. It is called the Resolute Desk and for a quick and detailed history of the Resolute, please go here:
It also was a very special part of the JFK office as it was featured in a photo that captured America’s heart, Read about it here:

I posted this video for 2 reasons… I find it to be a good and light jab at President Obama. I also find it to be very telling and once one knows the story of the desk and the rich history, one has to feel a certain sense of heartbreak over how this desk is being treated under the Obama term.

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4 Responses to Video: The Most Rude President

  1. It is interesting. I’m a pretty informal gal myself, but one should recognize that certain positions require a certain amount of decorum. And if POTUS aint one of those types of jobs, then really what is?

  2. I think those photos pretty summarize his attitude toward America and Americans. He needs a parent to come and slap his face and make him sit in the corner for, oh I don’t know, two years maybe.

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