Video: Spending The Future: Obama’s Roadmap To Bankruptcy

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4 Responses to Video: Spending The Future: Obama’s Roadmap To Bankruptcy

  1. fleeceme says:

    Can you believe, I heard just two days ago, some progressive bring up Bush’s deficit? Talk about wearing blinders. That first chart in the video is pretty damn scary. Our spending has doubled, but any attempts to cut even a little of it, $100 billion is 1/15 of the budget, and it is “draconian”. Give me a break!

    • Kinda makes you think of the expression, “spitting in the wind”. Oh, and no to really rain on the parade but even after cutting 1/15 of the budget with $100 Billion, we’re still only cutting 1/150 of the total debt.

      I have to be honest… because of the size of our total debt I just want to see spending stopped. Perhaps a small step at a time is best. We need to learn how to cut the annual budgets to stop piling onto the debt. Once we figure that much out, making cuts will be bearable. Kill Obamacare; kill a lot of the superfluous programs; cut deeply into military spending, entitlements; end Nat’l Endowment for the Arts; cut Dept of Educ. completely and end it over the next 3-5 years; address Social Security and Meciare/Medicaid… and just maybe we will see the debt roll back. I hate to make cuts into some of these programs but we have to accept the fact that we WILL NOT survive as a nation without making a change or two. Once we are on stable footing, some of these programs can be reassessed.

  2. Living in the “Red”. That is the communist’ favorite color, isn’t it?

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