The Wit Of Fred Thompson

The EU’s latest crazy green plan is to ban all gasoline-powered cars by 2050.

Ya know, it’s getting to the point where anyone could conquer Europe, as long as they did it on a cloudy day with no wind.


At a recent town hall meeting, President Obama said that too much testing makes education “boring”.

That’d be a shame, because we want kids to be excited about their bad test scores.


A French “Spiderman” has begun climbing the world’s tallest building in Dubai.

Remember back when Spiderman and the world’s tallest building were both American?

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7 Responses to The Wit Of Fred Thompson

  1. Hahaha! I love 2 and 3. That Burj Khalifa in Dubai is amazing.

    • I knew #2 might appeal to you. I have one for tomorrow that I am thinking about dedicating to you right there in the post. LOL It’s a good one, not controversial at all… but it just kinda feels like a good jab at Obama.

      I have seen the pics of The Burj… it is intense!

      BTW… I have no idea why this one went to the Pending category via the filter, I’m sorry.

      • Oooh a real shout out! Woo hoo!
        You know, mine has been doing that a lot too lately. Hmm. Conspiracy. 😉

      • LOL… I’ve noticed that you have been free-ranging your posts lately. 😉

      • All over the place. Like my head. 🙂

      • Hahaha…. Yeah, there sure has been a lot of nonsense to get your head all spinny lately, huh? LOL Hey, speaking of spinny heads… good grief, girl. Everytime I go to your page, it’s totally a new style or color or gooodness knows what. The only thing left to change is your political affiliation …which would be a good idea in my book! We are always taking in the bewildered and lost lefties that see their party leaving them behind on the march to cold war Soviet mentality! 😛

        I got a laugh out of the Farrakhan post… but you missed the important angle! It’s not the bean pies, it’s the fact that he has been on a UFO. I kid you not! Just in case you think I’m kidding, look up Farrakhan and UFO. The guy flipped his lid years ago! And to thin Public Enemy made the NOI seem cool. If only people knew that Farrakhan was living out his own Close Encounters Of The Third Kind movie back then, PE would have been the laughing stock of hip-hop. For what it’s worth, I loved me some PE… I have everything right up through Muse Sick-n-Hour Mess Age. They really fell off after that. Maybe they got on board the UFO too! LOL

    • OMG so much. I think my head might spin right off. Hahaha so your party takes in tired Democrats yearning to be free? 😛

      I was shopping for themes. I really like this one. I had issues with the domain thing – WP’s end and my typekit fonts were gone for a while. Now they’re back. Hopefully, I won’t have any more issues because this theme and type kit fonts are keepers.

      Those bean pies are kinda tasty. Anyway UFOs? Shut up, really? I have to look that up. Dang that guy is off his rocker. Oooh you like PE – very nice. Flavor Flav!

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