The Wit Of Fred Thompson

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals is complaining that language in the Bible should be more “animal-friendly”.

Great. I can’t wait to read about Moses cursing Egypt with a plague of tofu.


Former President Jimmy Carter plans to visit Cuba at the invitation of their President, Raul Castro.

Pure propaganda. Castro just wants to be able to tell people, “See? You could have a worse President”.


A reporter at a Joe Biden fundraiser was locked in a closet and not allowed to mingle with the guests. He was only allowed to come out during Biden’s speech.

Now that’s what I call adding insult to injury.


Obama’s Deputy National Security Adviser Denis McDonough said of the President’s Libya policy, “we don’t make decisions like that based on consistency or precedent”.

Common sense ain’t got much of a hand in it, either.


Press Secretary Jay Carney denied Libya’s opposition groups had terrorist ties, describing them as “organic”.

Organic… that’s that kind of farming where the pile manure on everything, right?

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