Michael Moore on The Joy Behar Show… Somebody needs to learn their history about democracy! America is a Republic!

Can someone tell me what Michael Moore is speaking about? America is not the oldest Democracy in the world… well, because America isn’t even a Democracy!

You’ve gotta love the exchange between self-avowed socialist Roseanne Barr and closet Communist Michael Moore from the Joy Behar Show

MICHAEL MOORE: And if he can build coalitions and have other people do the necessary humanitarian work that needs to happen when people are threatened, then I think we`re all behind that. We`re all for that. We all wish that.

ROSEANNE BARR: Doesn’t it look like we`re all kind of really go to war against all Muslim people? It`s like five nations now. It’s scary.

MOORE: I think if you live in the Muslim world, you’re scared by that, too. That’s why I think our involvement in this has to be of a different caliber than military. We can provide other things. I mean we’re the oldest democracy in the history of the world.

I won’t go into history to explain how Michael Moore is wrong, you can go to Newsbusters to find out the historical relevance of Moore’s idiocy HERE.

But I will go into my hate affair for Joy(less) Behar right about now… She is as dumb as they come. I have feature a couple of other posts on Joy-less which you can find HERE and HERE

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