Ted Nugent sets the record straight on Obamacare, calling it crony-care in an op-ed

In this piece, from the March 28th edition of The Washington Times, Ted Nugent writes a great op-ed on Obamacare. He hits yet another home run and leaves me saying, you gotta love The Nuge, again.

NUGENT: Obamacare is crony-care

Vocal reform supporters are now demanding waivers

The biggest problem President Obama has is a serious lack of trust among the American people.

From energy mismanagement to refusal to be fiscally accountable to blatant job-destroying policies, the president has gone off in a gung-ho leftist direction that leaves many Americans shaking their heads in confusion. A recent poll found that more than 60 percent of Americans believe the country is heading off a cliff.

The president’s trust meter will take another hit now that more and more Americans are finding out he’s giving out waivers to his Fedzillacare law. The president has handed out exemptions to more than 1,000 unions, companies and organizations and five states.

Any way you slice or spin it, this is pure Chicago-style political payback, blatant Al Capone corruption at its finest. The president clearly learned his political lessons well when he was a community rabble-rouser in Chicago. It’s good to be his political buddy.

If Obamacare is so good, will save so much money and rescue America from health care disaster as the president stated so emphatically, why grant waivers of such benevolence to anyone, much less your close friends? Shouldn’t his union buddies be pounding on the door of the White House demanding to be the first in line to gobble up the entire gigantic Fedzillacare law?

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How about it, Service Employees International Union (SEIU)? Why did you request, need or accept the waiver? As big cash supporters of the president during the campaign, the least you could do to show support for the guy and his Fedzillacare bill would be to demand to be first in line. Accepting a waiver to a bill you supported is telling.

With the president once again serving up his political head on a platter by granting waivers to Fedzillacare, let’s see how Republicans respond. Will they hammer the president relentlessly for this glowing example of hypocrisy or barely whimper?


GOP home-run hitter and Democratic dragonslayer, Rep. Louis Gohmert from Texas, isn’t letting this opportunity be wasted. He’s on the attack.

Mr. Gohmert argues these waivers amount to nothing more than “crony-care.” He further stated that “the administration realizes that this bill is a disaster and that’s why they’re letting their closest friends out from under the toughest parts.”

Mr. Gohmert is dead-on accurate that Fedzillacare is a disaster and everyone knows this except Fedzillacrats and bloodsucker Obama supporters who want something for nothing.

Polls also show a majority of the American people still don’t like or want European-style socialized medicine. Clear-thinking, freedom-addicted Americans know that a 2,000-page bill that no politician read, understands or can define with any clarity will ultimately end up costing way more than projected and provide fewer health care opportunities.

Just like every other thing that comes out of Washington, Fedzillacare is a bureaucratic nightmare that will create untold government agencies, bureaucratic reams of requirements, tax-gobbling duplicity, redundant forms and assorted other bureaucratic nonsense.

Fedzilla-controlled Medicare and Medicaid are already on life support and dying fast. You would have to be wearing a dunce hat to believe that Mr. Obama’s Fedzillacare is going to make nationalized health care more efficient and less costly.

Everything Fedzilla touches becomes more expensive, more burdensome and less efficient. It’s best to not trust anything that emanates from D.C.

Fedzillacare is government crack for numbskulls. Strangle it to death by defeating it. Do this now, GOP.

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