Top 25 Obama Mission Names

This comes via Doug Ross @ Journal with a H/T to Weasel Zippers on this one as well. Sit back and enjoy…

Top 25 #ObamaMissionNames [Bumped & Updated]

Well, the real name — supposedly — was “Operation Odyssey Dawn“. So the big hash-tag tonight last night listed some alternatives. My favorites?

25. @_EternalRuler_ Operation “bitter Libyan clingers”.
24. @irishspy Operation Enduring Narcissism
23. @NotChrisRock Operation Brazilian Wax
22. @Hanif_Ali Operation so that’s what the red button does
21. @OMFGitzDLAU Operation, STOP! Hammer Time.
20. @breeannehowe Operation France Backed Me Into A Corner
19. @directorblue Operation Enduring Urkel
18. @TheWardini Operation tear down this tent
17. @dancurry Operation Bracketus Interruptus
16. @krmullins1964 Operation Beer Summit!
15. @AmishFlyers66 Operation Nine Months In The Senate Didn’t Prepare Me For This Sh**
14. @krmullins1964 Operation One Term President!
13. @directorblue Operation Waffle Ditherer
12. @jwehrle Operation Back Nine
11. @voltnation Operation Chevy Volt
10. @iowahawkblog Operation Unlike Bush Wars This One Is Justified Because Hey Look A Squirrel
9. @directorblue Operation Panty-Waist
8. @iowahawkblog Operation Summer’s Eve
7. @MDMRN Operation Organizing for Libya
6. @xKidAndroidx Operation Call of Duty
5. @libertys56 Operation Nobel Peace Prize
4. @sgo2267 Operation If Michael Moore Calls Tell Him I’m Not In
3. @TRMirCat Operation FINE! I’ll do something
2. @_EternalRuler_ Operation “Why can’t I just eat my waffle?”
1. @timharder Operation Double Standard

Bonus #ObamaMissionNames:

5. @JimmyJames38: Operation Husky Kid Body Slamming Flea Sized Bully
4. @IowaHawkBlog: Operation Cognitive Dissonance
3. @The_Gnu_JGH: Operation My Own Private Kosovo
2. @djsmuzz: Operation Aimless Fury
1. @ToddRoberts1962: Operation Start without Me
0. @directorblue: Operation Merciless Unicorn

I’m just wondering if anybody would like to add to this list… This could get fun!

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3 Responses to Top 25 Obama Mission Names

  1. sal chand says:

    Operation: Take the focus off of me here at home and put it on Libya

  2. Dave Milner says:

    Operation Frequent ‘FLiar’

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