The Wit Of Fred Thompson

A new report shows that more people now get their news from the internet than from newspapers.

I think this trend is inherently limited, though. Ever try to paper-train a puppy with an iPad?


A new poll shows that 66% of Americans want President Obama to do more to encourage oil drilling.

Maybe we should just tell Obama the oil rigs are here illegally.


During a speech at a school in Arlington, Virginia, President Obama said “we need more money”.

We DO need more money. The hard part is keeping the government from taking it after we get it.


Democrats recently held a technology summit to encourage members to look to Twitter and Facebook to help them in 2012.

Maybe they’d be better off looking to Friedman and Hayek.


A new poll shows that 58% of Americans think that the detention facility at Gitmo should remain open.

They’re overlooking the REAL problem here: it’s still got empty beds.

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