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In His Own Words: Statement for the Congressional Record on the Continuing Resolution ~ Congressman Allen West

By Congressman Allen West Mr. Speaker: I rise today to take a stand, a stand that may not be popular with the Leadership of the House of Representatives, but a stand I must take because I believe we cannot kick … Continue reading

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The Wit Of Fred Thompson

Springfield, Illinois is STILL trying to get Obama to pay $55,457 he owes the city for security costs that his campaign ran up in 2008. Amazing. We’ve finally found something Obama doesn’t want to spend money on. «——◊-Ο-◊——» Jesse Jackson … Continue reading

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Wisdom Of The Day: Marquis de La Fayette

“True republicanism is the sovereignty of the people. There are natural and imprescriptible rights which an entire nation has no right to violate, just as national sovereignty is above the secondary agreements of the government.” ~ Marie Joseph Paul Yves … Continue reading

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Video: Nitpicker ~ by Granny Jan and Jihad Kitty

Another video by Granny Jan and Jihad Kitty…

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