Socialism inside the Democratic Party and in the Madison, Wisconsin union protests

I wish to speak to the TRUE Democrats who may read this… I think that it is time for Democrats to accept that their party is compromised. It is time to stand up for your beliefs and not permit this element to takeover your message. Throughout this post you will find 5 videos from the protests in Wisconsin that demonstrate what this post is all about. I am speaking to you about socialism, Marxism, and communism from within your own party, the Democratic Party.

When your children throw temper tantrums, do you just give them what they want or do you expect that they conduct themselves as polite children? Do they get a better response from you when they demonstrate a common respect as they ask for something or when they storm around, yelling and screaming while they continue to act worse?

These antics you see in these videos are the antics of socialist agitators. You, as a Democrat, believe that your union folks have a message to share. You also know that the best way to be heard is to speak calmly and conduct yourselves with civility. You also know that breaking the law will result in consequences and doing so has punishments. These people don’t care about that… they know that if they act as though they support you and represent your message, that you will support them. They also know that through disorder and chaos, it is the best possible way for them to enact the changes that they want… anarchy leading to government overthrow.

They aren’t concerned about democracy or loving our constitutional republic, they want their socialist system to replace America’s republican government. Also, understand that “republican government” has nothing to do with the Republican Party, the term simply refers to the type of government that we have which is uniquely different from democracies such as we are seeing pop up in the Middle East. A constitutional republic seeks to limit the government’s power over the people… this is what you want in Wisconsin, right? Socialism “require at least the “commanding heights” of the economy to be nationalised, usually operated according to a plan of production, so that capitalism and the procurement of wage labor for private profit is abolished at least in the major productive and social spheres, although there are some self-described socialist economic theories promoting varying levels of market relations, in combination with public ownership and/or worker cooperatives.”

Socialists understand that democracy is required for a socialist government to exist… why do they know this? They know this because as Leon Trotsky said, “socialism needs democracy like the human body needs oxygen.” Furthermore, as Marx explained in the “Critique of the Gotha Program”:

“Between capitalist and communist society lies the period of the revolutionary transformation of the one into the other. Corresponding to this is also a political transition period in which the state can be nothing but the revolutionary dictatorship of the proletariat.”

If you go to one website, this comes from Youth For International Socialism or New Youth Movement:

“So when asked if we are socialists or communists, we can say that we are both. We are fighting for communism, but the first stage toward that is democratic socialism. But above all, we are Marxists – the ideas of Marxism are the “guide to action” that helps us get our bearings in order to fight the capitalist system and hasten the building of socialism.”

So, are you beginning to see how this socialist ideology that is running arm and arm with you actually is using your party’s platform to evoke their change? This is how they operate and this why you must not permit them into your party… they are using the total number of Democrat voters within your ranks to gain power for their agenda. Their agenda is in no way a symbiotic agenda… it is a parasitic agenda. Once they gain enough control to formulate the change they see, we will no longer be left with a constitutional republic, we will be on our way to communism.

How many of you have family members who fought in wars and died protecting our country from communism? I understand that you don’t like wars… but shouldn’t you honor the loss of your family members by standing shoulder to shoulder with them in the fight to protect our country from the insurrection called communism? We don’t need to stand for war to stand for America… we must protect her from attacks from the inside. You are being used by them because they know you want to see protection of worker’s rights. They also are counting on you to not look into the rest of their message. I plead with you, for the sake of our country and for the sake of our children, look into them.

Type “socialism democracy” into any search engine and go to the websites that come up… read their websites… read what they envision and think about whether that is the America that you want? I assure you, Republicans are in fact closer to the America that you envision than the socialists. Republicans and real, true Democrats can work together to steer this country on a path of prominence. Even as a Democrat, you recognize that you support free markets… they do not. They call for the end of capitalism and are trying to persuade you to as well. Bringing an end to capitalism is what they need for communism to take over. They say it in their own writings… do you want communism in America?

So, as you join the voices of “solidarity” and protest for worker’s rights,I encourage you to look around and consider who else is protesting with you and WHY? Do you feel comfortable standing shoulder to shoulder with people who espouse the political system that you ancestors may have died to protect you from? Do you think that your message should be shared with these people or should your message stand taller than theirs? You, as Democrats, may feel that there is racism in the ranks of the Tea Party (you’d be wrong, look up Herman Cain, Lloyd Marcus, or Alfonzo Rachel) so wouldn’t you expect that the Tea Party to expel all racists from their ranks? Or is it in your prerogative that the Tea Party should keep the racists in the mix so that their message is ruined? I feel that the Democrats bring real value to the discussion but not socialists. That is why I am asking— no, insisting that you kick them out of your party.

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Gut check time… do you believe in America or do you believe in the need for communism in America?

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11 Responses to Socialism inside the Democratic Party and in the Madison, Wisconsin union protests

  1. Andy M says:

    Thanks for putting this out there. You won’t see any of this being shown by the mainstream media.

    • Andy, thanks for commenting. Sadly, you are right that we aren’t getting this message out there through any mainstream media outlets. As a former member of the Dem Party years ago, I realized then that the party was leaving me and going in the direction of something that I could not accept for my America. I hope that some Dems may stumble upon this and consider what I have tried to illustrate. It is my sincere hope that if they do that they will take from this the realization that they need to address it the best way they can.

  2. Wayne says:

    Your editorial is well-written, timely, and poignant. I’m from Minnesota – a very ‘blue’ state. Our two senators are Amy Klobuchar and Al Franken. I’ve written Amy many times and expressed my view that Democrats are becoming indistinguishable from socialists. I don’t bother writing to Franken, as he’s a moron and shares with socialists a deep disdain for the United States. Both of my parents were Democrats; my mother still is, and my father’s dead. I was a Democrat until my late 20s, and, like you, I realized the Democratic Party was not what I had been led to believe it was. And as I learned more and more about the founding principles of this nation, I realized how right those founding principles were, given the nature of mankind, and I realized how wrong and dangerously naïve where the beliefs of the Democratic Party.

    Thankfully we have the tea party movement, a movement of which I am a part. The outcome is not clear, victory is not ensured; but there is hope. Democrats have been unmasked: they are closer to socialists than you might care to believe. Perhaps you can some semblance of patriotism within the rank-and-file Democrats? I hope so. But so many of them truly believe they are right. They never look at the ruinous results of their programs. The Great Society programs have been a miserable failure. On and on it goes. At any rate, good luck, and thanks for being on the right side of history.


    • Wayne, first of all, thank you for visiting Questioning With Boldness… and I’m especially thankful that you took the time to comment! We definitely share some very similar life stories. I was also in my late 20’s when I saw the differnce in “my” party and the Democratic Party. It was at that point that I “threw down the talking points and started reading the articles”… hence the title of my blog. I stopped accepting talking points and have done much internal searching until I found that what I believe in can be found within the conservative ideals. On top of that, I too am a Tea Party Movement individual. I think our greatest hope for a return to American Exceptionalism rests in their ability to convey the message of the Founding Fathers, that is why I share a Wisdom Of The Day daily.

      I still have hopes for a return of the Democratic Party because I solidly believe in a 2 party system that resembles the Dems(much like what we were) and the Reps(much like what we wish they were). Through proper discourse between those two ideals, America will always be that shining city upon the hill. Without it, we can see the tarnish on the shine as it has begun to develop over the last few presidencies.

      Please visit again, Wayne. I would love to have your thoughts and to share ideas with you. And please, if ever you feel that there is a topic to post, bring it to my attention and I will get it out there.

  3. Thought-provoking post.

    Their agenda is in no way a symbiotic agenda… it is a parasitic agenda.

    Interesting way of putting it. I would say this is how the Religious Right attached itself to the GOP and the Tea Party. By aligning themselves with both, they can get their agenda out there.

    Once they gain enough control to formulate the change they see, we will no longer be left with a constitutional republic, we will be on our way to communism.

    I don’t believe this to be true at all because the ones that hold the election power in the country aren’t Democrats or Republicans. They’re Independents. They help to swing elections one way or the other. And most of them do not align themselves with either because they’re pretty close to the center.

    I don’t mind them in the party because as I’ve said before, they remind us about what’s important to our causes – social justice, environment, and worker’s rights.

    Anyway, I liked this post a lot. Probably because I felt it was a shout out. 😉

    • LOL… Spinny, you are a mess! 😉

      The Religious Right does not seek to bring down the American government so the comparison is dead at that level. If you are merely trying to imply that the RR is penetrating the GOP, I might suggest that religion has always been a part of the Republican Party. From the first Rep President, Abraham Lincoln… “I have been driven many times upon my knees by the overwhelming conviction that I had nowhere else to go. My own wisdom, and that of all about me, seemed insufficient for the day.” Any other disposition on the RR and the GOP might indicate an aversion to religion altogether. In fact, I’m not sure what parts of the RR are so offensive for America. Morals have to trump ethics for ethics to even have a basis for value. What are ethics based on that isn’t found within the moral teachings of religion?

      The statement about “Once they gain enough control to formulate the change they see, we will no longer be left with a constitutional republic, we will be on our way to communism.” relates to what we are seeing within this particular administration alone. The ideals of socialism run rampant through President Obama’s administration and his policies. This point that you question my take on has already inspired another post about what I mean… Thanks! I guess you’ll have to wait for me to publish it to read the rest of my reply to you. 😉 LOL

      To be honest, I do agree that the greatest voting strength within our country lies with the Independents. I don’t completely agree about them being center though… I see most independents as being fed up with the political parties altogether. I think that there is a bit more of a right-center lean to independent voters in general… many of them actually are found in the Tea Party Movement which you see as corrupting the Republican Party.

      You would actually be wise to know that Reps and Dems agree that the environment is important, as are worker’s rights. The difference between you and I is how we see that the road leads to those issues. Dems seek to disassemble industry to clean the environment. Reps see the policies advocated by Dems as being an impedence to the free market. If Dems asked and listened to Reps about how to achieve a healthier environment with business policies, they would understand that the same goals are there, just not the same extreme measures. Reps support worker’s rights but not the entirety that Dems(tainted by socialists) want. There is a massive difference between private sector unions and public sector unions and the difference has to be understood and acknowledged for the two parties to work together. Socialists don’t want the two parties to work together so they seek to “divide and conquer” on this topic alone. Social justice will never be agreed upon by Reps… because social justice is not an American principle, it is deeply rooted in the heart of Marxism. Social justice isn’t even a principle of the true Democratic Party… the original beliefs of the Dem Party were related to helping the downtrodden but never through taking from the wealthy. It was all about creating the message to get societal awareness for those who have been left behind. Helping hand versus handout. It wasn’t until the progressive ideologies and socialism emerged within the Democratic Party that we saw handouts over a helping hand up.

      Thank you for your feedback, Spinny. I don’t mean to come off as though I am preaching to you… I always appreciate the feedback that you give. And I do enjoy our in-depth conversations.

      • I know, big mess. 🙂

        OK I don’t think I elaborated on the Religious Right. I am talking about the extremists who believe in outlawing abortion even in the cases of rape and incest. But we won’t go further into there, because agree to disagree. These are the types that want Creationism/Intelligent Design alongside evolution in schools. Those who don’t believe that separation between church and state is a good thing. That sex education shouldn’t be taught in schools. That’s who I’m talking about.

        And the environment. You know how I feel about regulation being super important. I believe that social justice is huge in the Democrat Party – not just because of the Marxist and Socialist “influence” – in terms of human rights, universal health care, and poverty.

        As far as inspiring your next post, that’s what I’m here for. I live to serve. 😛

  4. Sam says:

    Will someone please think of the children! Yes I want communism in America. Revolution now!

    • See… this is the insanity of the left. I approve these oddball comments just to expose how crazy people in the U.S. and on the left side with the Democrats really have become. Sam, all I can suggest is that if ever there is to be a Communist revolution in America, I hope that you and I meet on the street somewhere so I give you my reply in person.

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