A couple of videos showing the protestors overtaking the Madison, WI capitol building on March 9th

First up we have the protestors gaining access to the building. Once inside, you will see how they run from door to door opening up the doors so that they can flood in. They weren’t invited in, they managed to gain access through “other” means. You will also notice how the police attempt to get to the doors to shut them again and regain control of the building.

Here is another recording…

This angle is from the protestors camera…

Listen to the woman start saying, “No violence, no violence. Holy sh*t! We got that on camera! We got that on camera!” Hey stupid idiotic union/liberal/socialist… you know what you’ve got on camera? You have people gaining illegal entry into a state building. You have the police taking people into custody for illegal activity. You have captured protestors committing illegal acts!

Once inside, the protestors then tried to further grant access to their law-breaking buddies by breaching a bathroom window.

This is NOT civil disobedience in the form of Martin Luther King, Jr or Mahatma Gandhi… this is anarchist ideology of Socialism, Marxism, and Communism. I urge all Democrats watching this to ask yourselves, is this what MLK did or would do? He only worked within the laws of the land. He exploited the racist behavior of Democrats like Sheriff Bull Connor through peaceful, legal protests. Which does beg the question… Was MLK really a fan of Democratic Party policies?

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3 Responses to A couple of videos showing the protestors overtaking the Madison, WI capitol building on March 9th

  1. Xenos says:

    Hello fascists! My name is Xenos Mann. I am a Orthodox Christian. Your not Christians! Ok I was there when we got into the Wisconsin Capitol. Interesting no arrests are recorded! Yes we demanded & got our rights. Ok now your saying we used anarchist tactics? HA! The Wisconsin Constitution (Section4) asserts “Right to Assemble & Petition. The RIGHT of the PEOPLE(um thats me a born bred cheesehead as well so many of the others)peaceably to assemble, to consult for the common good, & to petition the government, & any department thereof, shall NEVER be ABRIDGED. 17 Wisconsin Court Cases(for law breaking, children killing as seen Tuscon by tea bagging inspired Sarah Palin)have UPHLED this right to be in the Capitol while in session. Now session can be committee meetings, votes on a bill or even a caucus of any party in session holding such. Assembly Democrats said they were to hold Caucus sessions till 8pm even after the illegal votes by the GOP-Nazi party of Wisconsin.(inspired by the Koch Isle Nazi convcited by Nuremberg courts, aunt of the Koch brothers=FACT)*
    *Hence your lying or ignorant. NO arrests were actually made. Capitol police said no windows were broken unlike FOX News said. Also we still to date have NOT found our Palm trees native to Wisconsin as reported by FOX News. Your sick, stupid which would be fine if you lack power. Folks you have the right to be inbred hillbilly fucks but we have the RIGHT to tell the truth. Comrades welcome to America!
    Xenos Mann

    • Ha! I am approving your comment to demonstrate just how much of a lunatic fringe is involved in the “radical” left. You are clearly a whackjob. Xenos? What planet are you from? Did fly in with the Hale-Bop comet? Or were you supposed to be on it when it passed by?

      If there was some sort of underlying message in your diatribe, it was quickly lost in your non-sense rants from whatever mental health clinic bed you are writing from. Your point being lost here is nearly identical to how the left and the socialists lost their point with their ridiculous behavior in Madison. Congruent thoughts seem to be lost on the left… always caught up in tangential rants from a superiority complex. Take your meds and go to bed like a good little psyche patient now.

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