Revolution in America? Why this must come to an end!

It’s funny how we are hearing “revolt” and “revolution” from the left within the U.S…. which begs the question, who are they revolting against? We live in America, which is a constitutional republic, with a democratically elected President from the Democratic Party. We aren’t under tyrannical rule(at least a tyranny that would be objectionable to those on the left), so what is this non-sense? Why the cries for radical change when they have had complete control for 2 years?

What are they trying to transform this country INTO through revolution? You and I probably know what it is but those on the left are either being sheeple because they are seizing onto “strong language” to express their dissatisfaction for the Bush years or they are fully Marxist in their desires. See, revolution is the process of uprising to effect a total and complete removal of one system to implement another entirely different one… We did that 234 years ago. Within our form of government, the only thing left is civil war because that would be simply a difference on how to operate within a given system but not changing the system entirely.

The terms “revolt” and “revolution” are very telling about what the real agenda is in America from the far-left crowd that has begun to permeate inside the Democratic Party. To me, these cries coming from people like Michael Moore are acts of traitorous behavior and quite potentially acts of war. Perhaps the second charge is excessive, but will it seem so excessive if it continues to gain traction as it already has.

Look, the reality is that these constant calls of revolt and revolution are not going to do anything positive to change the direction of America. We as Americans have the ability to guide our country as we deem necessary. We have all of the tools to change things right there in our Constitution and we have the freedoms to do so guaranteed by it. To form a revolution in order to overthrow the system of American government is distinctly un-American and it screams of the ideologies found in Communist countries through the modern history of the world. The continuous stirrings of “Revolt!” from the socialist far-left only serve to hold back America from progressing forward into a more competitive nation in the global scheme of things. As long as they continue to bog down the Democratic Party platform in the muck of revolution, there can be no useful bipartisan growth in American government.

These people who are leading the revolution agenda are not using subtle nuances to get across their point. They are speaking directly to the agitators of the far-left socialist groups. These agitators in turn, get right into the thick of issues, much like we’ve seen in Madison, Wisconsin and now throughout the U.S. They are the people who get most vocal and raise the stakes… they are spurring on the crowds into a volatile state nearly on the brink of violence. There are people in these crowds who are urging restraint and those are true Democrats. They understand that the process of change comes through legislation and through working together, not through mob rule or intimidation.

We are at a tipping point in America on so many fronts now that we have to be very delicate in how we handle these challenges to America. It is so very important that we recognize and address the multitude of attacks on America that are involved. At times, it would seem as though these various groups converge as one large frontal attack while at other times we can see them acting independent of each other. Once we become aware of who they are, what they are after, and how they act, it is easier to identify them when they act in a unified group.

The only revolution needed in America is a revolution to provide stability at home. We need to revolt against the various forces seeking to divide us. We need a revolutionary vision that says America’s prominence will be restored, that all attacks on our freedoms will shut down, and that America will move forward as a nation of one with a resounding voice of exceptionalism.

“Then join hand in hand, brave Americans all! By uniting we stand, by dividing we fall!” ~ John Dickinson from The Liberty Song and first published in the Boston Gazette, July 1768

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5 Responses to Revolution in America? Why this must come to an end!

  1. Anon says:

    You’re an idiot. You explained nothing in-depth about revolting besides a rant on another idiot. You can’t take an idiot in account for all people unless you are an idiot yourself.

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  4. davboz says:

    What a bunch of infants. Absolute impudent children. This is the product of your progressive school system?

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