Anjem Choudary announces cancellation of Shariah4America march on Washington DC

A few days ago I wrote an article about the Islamic demonstrations that were about to unfold this year in America… you can read about it HERE. One event was scheduled for today, March 3rd, and was to be a march on Washington DC. This particular event was spearheaded by lunatic whackjob, Anjem Choudary and was a march for demanding Sharia in America. It was also a plan of his to get to the White House and call for Obama to face Sharia Law for crimes against muslims around the world. As I said in that post, regardless of how I feel about Obama as our President, we cannot allow this element of garbage in America. We must be steadfast in repelling Sharia and any form of extreme Islamic faith in America. So many wish to whitewash the Islamic ideology and base it on a few people that we may know that are muslim but they are really the vast minority in the faith and we can’t pin our perceptions of moderate muslims on the Islamic faith as a whole. We must face the radical ideology head-on if we are to protect our country.

I am pleased to share the following video with you. It is of Anjem Choudary informing his followers that the march on DC is cancelled due to “overwhelming” response here in America. We may have won this first battle against Choudary but he is as stubborn as they come and we will be in this fight for a long time. Here he is in his own words….

Now I want to share some pictures with you… some of you may have seen them before on the web in the last 2 days. Others may have read my article and followed the links when I told you to see what these muslims are calling for in America. These are straight of the website Shariah4America…

Their plans for the Statue of Liberty are outlined in an article titled, The Islamic Demolition of the Statue of Liberty. They call for the Statue to wear a burka until they can remove the statue altogether. Once gone, they plan to place a minaret to their God in Lady Liberty’s place. Here is a picture from the page: Seriously, this is off their page! Next up is their representation of the White House in which they have renamed it The White Masjid:The most recent article of interest is a call for an International Shariah Court of Justice to be located in New York. As stated, “The main aims of the Shari’ah include to remove disputes between the people and protect the blood, wealth, honour, mind of the people and the religion of Islam.” the location will be the United Nations building after they kick out all the member nations. The intent is to hold war crimes trials there. Here is a photo: Awake yet?

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