More Democratic Waste… a la Ted “Submarine Captain” Kennedy (Edward M. Kennedy Institute)

Even after passing on, Ted Kennedy’s legacy still finds a way to bring more government waste to the budget. This from The Daily Caller

“At issue this go around is an educational institute honoring the late “Hero of Chappaquiddick”: the Edward M. Kennedy Institute for the United States Senate. The structure is set to cost taxpayers no more than $68 million, $38.3 million of which has already been appropriated for the project.

The money for the project will not just come from the good people of the Bay State but also from taxpayers across the country. According to the Traditional Values Coalition, since 2009 the Kennedy Institute has received three rounds of major appropriations from the federal government.

In the 2009 federal budget, $5,813,000 was appropriated to the project through the Labor Department and Department of Health & Human Services spending bill. In the 2010 budget, $13,600,000 was funneled through the from the Department of Labor and the Department of Health and Human Services and another $18,900,000 through the Defense Department spending bill.”

Plenty of money already funneled to the project but there was more in the works. Do you remember that wonderful Omnibus Spending Bill that was 86’ed…

In April of last year, Massachusetts Democratic Sen. John Kerry and Massachusetts Democratic Rep. Edward Markey attempted to insert another $8 million more in the now defunct Omnibus bill.

With $38.3 million already in the Institutes’s coffers and Kennedy’s wife Vicki pushing hard for more, Andre Lafferty and the Traditional Values Coalition are keeping a sharp eye, hoping to prevent any more federal funds from going to Kennedy’s center.”

That’s nice, Vicki. Glad to see that you are keeping it reasonable. So, I’m wondering if the extra money is so that they can run an open bar… just as Ted would have liked it! I have a few ideas on where they should put this thing…. How about along the side of the road leading to Chappaquidick! Or perhaps they can just relocate it out of country… I think there is a Chilean Brothel that would be perfect for this. What do think, Vicki?

“The Institute will house Kennedy’s papers and will feature a museum with exhibits focusing on Kennedy and government, a gift shop, archives, and classroom space. It is set to be built next door to the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library.”

Some early photo representations…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Added extra… There is already a ship named after him. Here is a photo of the Christening ceremonies…  You can read all about it HERE. I should point out that the first part of this post(the Kennedy Institute) is true, however I had to take it to satire to overcome my desire to poke myself in the eyeballs after reading about this.

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3 Responses to More Democratic Waste… a la Ted “Submarine Captain” Kennedy (Edward M. Kennedy Institute)

  1. bunkerville says:

    A total pig… did I say that???

  2. Those photos are priceless. Thanks for sharing them. I suppose the sponsers of thesse bills claim that spending this money will create jobs. What a sad joke.

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