Video: Allen West On Illegal Immigration

This man makes sense on every issue that faces America!

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One Response to Video: Allen West On Illegal Immigration

  1. brittanicus01 says:


    Every American who has not been brainwashed needs to harass their politicians, Governors, Mayors and elected city managers, telling them your a voter and you want all foreign nationals deported, especially while this recession drags on? It is said that over 8 million illegal aliens are gainfully employed in the US, by unscrupulous employers.Your Telephone book generally has a listing of both your local State and US government lawmakers who supposedly represents your rights? FOR THAT FIVE MINUTES YOU SPEND CONTACTING YOUR STATE OR LOCAL POLITICIAN, COULD SAVE AMERICA FROM ESCALATING THE ILLEGAL ALIEN INVASION? YOUR ONE VOTE ADDED TO MILLIONS IS A VERY VALUABLE COMMODITY TO THE SPINELESS CREATURES IN WASHINGTON OR YOUR STATE CAPITOL.

    California–has been a haven for illegal aliens since the early 1960’s, and now believed that 50 percent of the population came from South of the border. In 2010 the amount spent on illegal migrants according to Health and Human Services amount issued to illegal aliens cost in 2010, is well over $600 million Los Angeles Supervisor Antonovich told reporters: Then remember this is not just Los Angeles that is catering to illegal aliens in Sunny California, but the rest of the State, which is in a serious deficit situation. The illegal alien subsidizing has the “Sanctuary State”–not just one city, abusing taxpayers with a estimated $26 billion dollar red ink blob on the Sacramento books. However this is the voters fault, because they keep seating the same, old tired Liberal-Dems every election. My guess like Nevada rampant voter fraud took place as the absentee ballot method, is so easy to manipulate.

    States should are striving to set-up their own immigration laws now, when it became more discernible that the Federal government was not living up to its own policies or completing the border fence amongst other things. Arizona was the first to distinguish this, as their great State was first to be overrun by non-English speaking aliens scrambling for support from Public services. In Contrast is the Sanctuary State of California; while the Grand Canyon State never had the financial resources to honor the unfunded federal mandates. Foreign nationals slipped through the border bringing their unborn babies with them, to become a major burden on frontier States, because the courts had said we must monetary pander to anybody who steps on our soil. That’s why the Border States schools are heavily populated with the offspring of illegal aliens, relieving their own countries from educating them; bringing even more poverty to America.

    In border States and throughout the country these unfunded mandate laws, establishing that emergency rooms must give health treatment to anybody who walks through the doors regardless whether they can pay or not. over these years 60 hospitals and clinics closed their doors, because of insufficient funds to cover the enormous costs in California and Nevada. Judges in the last decade have warned the California prison system that they needed to alleviate overcrowding, which is full of illegal alien gangs and some of the most dangerous criminals spawned from the Hispanic countries. Southwestern States have been crippled by the unparalleled migration costing legal citizens and permanent residents hundreds of billions of dollars every year. The new arrivals are nothing like 20th century immigrants coming through Ellis Island, NY or Galveston, Texas as no Social Services existed back then.

    Today–impoverished illegal aliens are gutting the welfare system; bringing record numbers of deadly criminals and terrorist from further afield. Business interests in many States have purchased their own politicians, so the border still remains open to some extent. This is predominately indicated with silent corruption of underfunding the 2006 Secure Fencing Act within months of being enacted. Many radical organizations have been successful in keeping the border open and over-stretching the limited resources of US agents patrolling this war zone, has become an incessant nightmare. Continually harassed by rock throwing thugs or guns aimed at our relentless border protectors; now have been overrun by drug cartels that kill without conscience. The border region once a place of desolate enjoyment, with the sound of high winging birds is now no place for American environmentalist or outdoors persons as large areas of territory are covered with the remnants of human waste, garbage heaps, the dregs left by illegal nationals slipping through barriers in open places; barricaded with just a few strands of rusty barbed wire or in locations where no fence exists.

    There is no quick fix to this silent invasion that has taken at least two decades, to bring millions of foreigners across our borders or arriving by jet with no intentions of returning to Europe, Asia other continents. Now we must go the distance by joining the TEA Party. We can hold both the Democrats-Liberals and Republicans accountable for the years of abandonment, spending taxpayers money on millions of foreign nationals instead of our infrastructure and the well being of real Americans of every color, race or religion. Arizona’s political leadership finally devoured enough rhetoric from the powers in Washington, stating that the destitute, uneducated was for the greater good of each States economies; except that illegal aliens was just eroding the safety-net and prospective retirement for senior Americans.We will always need degreed profession people, but we are not here to satisfy the indigent of other countries with our dollars.

    Finally, one decent State not mired in political regression or union interference has seen the light. The fact that unions have quietly been catering to illegal immigrants in our midst, so to fortify their dwindling numbers have allowed membership. Assessing their rising financial damage Arizona State Senator Pierce and his Republican retinue authored their own immigration laws, as the federal government just refused to do so. Now undaunted by being sued by Obama’s Department of Justice Czar in the Washington, has shown other States that the DOJ is a lost cause. Arizona has been a mentor for all States who have been less aggressive. As the political statesman in Washington mull over their own paramount issues, like funding two foreign wars and the satellite military bases, along with the monolithic spending to satisfy the industrial base and bailouts financial institutions. As for the Church–they should keep their nose out of politics or lose their very lucrative tax exemptions. I believe in God, Jesus–but not congregational religion, but that’s a persons choice. More bloody wars have been fought over religion forever, as we have seen in the Middle East and still destroying people’s life. Cardinal Mohoney needs to get a life, as the child molesting problem has never been truly resolved? Mohony and the Catholic church better spend some of their accumulated wealth held in the Vatican and aid in assisting foreign countries across borders, instead of attributing to illegal aliens coming to disrupt the United States?

    States less qualified to handle large flows of illegal immigrants, have tested their leadership by enacting its own enforcement laws, such as Florida, New Mexico, Utah, Georgia, Texas Rhode Island and many other States in far corners of the US. If New Mexico Governor Susana Martinez stays strong and repeals Drivers Licenses for illegal aliens, they will not become another Sanctuary State where the politicians pedal the taxpayers money. In fact many will leave heading for another (What they think) is welfare Garden of Eden. Those States that remains indifferent to The People’s need for relief from supporting illegal foreign families, will be doomed to higher taxes, spiraling crime and the attenuate of their states treasuries. Every State that wants to defend and protect its legal inhabitants needs to mandate nationwide policing laws E-Verify, 287 (G) and Secure Communities (Fingerprint check for illegal alien criminals and re-entries) to safeguard America’s people. The only answer to businesses hiring illegal alien labor, is to lock the employers-up and throw away the key?

    NO copyright, ever. Distribute freely.

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