Time to Question With Boldness… again

Well, 2 or 3 days turned into a week… and what a week it was. I needed a mini vacation, I guess. For the first day and a half, I tuned out the news. That didn’t last long though. I have watched with incredulity as Wisconsin began to look like a microcosm of Europe from a year and a half ago. With austerity being the motivating factor for Governor Walker’s budget, I watched as self-absorbed people devolved into poor role models for children. These people may or may not have a reasonable expectation for their position to be heard, but the way that they conducted themselves is not conducive to leading the children that they are charged with teaching. I don’t want my children to see that when you want different results, you storm out and sulk and yell. Protesting is American… we have a guaranteed right to free assembly and to have our grievances brought before the government for redress but what these people have done does not exemplify either of those. Sometimes we need to consider the difference between whether “we can” and whether “we should” do something. In this situation the teachers, led by the unions, jumped the gun.

As if their behavior wasn’t a bad enough example, then the “hired guns” showed up… SEIU, SDS, and a host of other socialist groups. Since when is socialism American? It isn’t and that’s when this whole mess began to take on a whole other appearance… it really did begin to look like the Middle Eastern turmoil. As if certain members of MSNBC calling for Wisconsin to be Cairo wasn’t enough, Organizing For America decided to leverage their website to call for more out of state protestors to show up in Madison. What is happening to my America?

And then there was the Middle East… Tunisia, Egypt, Bahrain, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Libya. We see the entire Middle East go into complete upheaval as our President sits back and watches. Egypt was a mess… State Department involvement, Google involvement, Code Pink involvement, suspected socialist/Marxist involvement… the only involvement that was missing was that of our President providing leadership. But perhaps that was his involvement. By remaining silent, he allowed for the other groups to do his preferred bidding. “Day of Rage”s all over throughout the Middle East looking like the Weather Underground tactics of Bill Ayers and Bernadette Dohrn circa 1960’s… Let’s not overlook the fact that the Muslim Brotherhood has angled themselves into a position for a power grab despite saying that they were going to stay out of the government… It sure does look like a caliphate beginning over there.

Reports coming out that tell us about green energy company, Solyndra Inc, blowing through $535 Million in stimulus money and wasting it the whole loan… a company that was highly touted by Obama and Biden. Yeah, Joe… this is a “Big F’ing Deal”! Nice job, you jerks. Speaking of jerks, Rahm Emanuel must have delivered a few dead fish wrapped in newspapers to the right people because he got elected as Mayor of Chicago in an election that showed abnormally low voter turnout. I guess he didn’t even need to pull “missing” ballots out of his trunk.

But it hasn’t all been bad. There was great news out of Arizona as the state passed a bill that will require proof of birthright citizenship to be provided for a candidate to be on the ballot for someone running for office… that means you President Obama! No short form certificates of live birth, we need the real deal, sir. Of course President Obama and Eric Holder will file a lawsuit stating that it’s unconstitutional later on this year.

Chris Christie delivered a knockout speech this past week. I can’t decide where I stand on him still. I was bought and sold until he made a few really STUPID decisions like nominating a radical Muslim judge to a very high judge’s seat in NJ. And there was that whole trip to DC with Hu Jintao… why decide to visit DC when it turns into Little Beijing in America? Bad move.

Standing tall this week was Congressman Allen West. This guy is my choice for 2012, 2016, 2020, and quite possibly 2024! Oh… can’t do that? Well crap! He did a great job taking it to CAIR Executive Director Nezar Hamze at a Town Hall event this week. Allen West is no joke and he won’t be taking any BS from any group who does not present themselves truthfully.

Oh what a week it was. Even though I did not write anything here on Questioning, I did do a lot of posting on my Facebook page. I couldn’t help it. Some of those posts and topics will be brought over to Questioning during the next few days. I also spent a lot of time reading my favorite blogs and explored a few new ones. I appreciated all of your comments about me taking time off… I didn’t realize just how burned out I was but you guys have made kept the light burning and now I’m ready to start ringing the bell again. Thank you all.

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5 Responses to Time to Question With Boldness… again

  1. See what happens when you leave? The whole dang world falls apart. 😉

  2. fahrrad mit motor says:

    Questo blog e grande. Ero abbastanza sicuro che le persone troveranno interessante perche certamente fare.

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