Socialism and Communism inside the Madison, Wisconsin capital building during the protests

Some of you may have seen this video of the protestors inside the Wisconsin state capital building. It is full of Socialist and Communist banners and messages.

Socialism is not a free society! Remember: USSR stands for Union of Soviet Socialists Republic, the People’s Republic of China is a socialist country, North Vietnam is communist, Cuba is communist. Socialism is defined as the bridge from democracy to communism.

A socialist ideology means that the “state” or government controls production and regulates all industry taking away freedom from the people and replacing it with false equality. The only people who prosper under socialism are the chosen ones by the government or the government itself. There are no incentives for individual effort or motivations to excel in business or life. It is a go no where society and now we have people in Wisconsin determined to stir the ‘revolution’ towards socialism. Our country is fracturing from the inside and it is a direct result of the leadership at the top. President Obama is complicit in allowing this to foment and has actually provided the means to do it.

We are losing America through the chosen apathy of our citizens and the people who follow the Democratic party ticket without question. Please, I’ve said it countless times, if you’re a Democrat… take a look at your party. It is not what it once was nor will it return without your involvement. There is plenty of room in our country for a true Democratic Party but there should be no room for socialism or communism. PERIOD. They defy the very principles of a constitutional republic such as ours and the members of those organizations are using the freedoms granted by our constitution against us. They have infiltrated, for lack of better word, the Democratic Party and are manipulating your voices to move towards the destruction of our country. You may be sitting there thinking “so what. it’s not like it will take hold” or “it will never get any traction” but it has.

It’s time for all Americans to step away from the political parties and their platforms… it’s time that we all look at what we personally want for our country and decide that that is what matters. Then reapply that to the parties we have. Perhaps, you will realize that the message of your party, be it Republican or Democrat, has become so clouded from what you believe in. It is at that point which we all need to decide to take our parties back. They both have become lost in various pursuits of power and control and only we can determine the direction of the country with our votes. Lose party politics and use our voices… don’t vote for someone because of the letter after their name and don’t support an ideology when you aren’t sure what their message is.

I have said this over and over again as well, I once was a Democrat… in fact up until late ’90s I was a Dem but events with Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky inspired me to step back and look at things my party was doing or things that people who claimed to be with my party were doing. It was only then that I woke up and decided that my stance was more important than the stance of my party. I went through a period of apathy where I could care less about what our government was doing… feeling like they had the control, not us. I was ready for ‘change’ and we got it with Bush. I like about half of what he did and the rest was pretty tough to swallow. The country decided it was ready for change again and here we have Obama. If for one second you think that your voice or your vote doesn’t count, look at how far the country has swayed from one direction to another with people using their votes to speak.

It is time for us ALL to question ourselves first and foremost. We must be brave enough to actually examine ourselves and decide what matters most. We may have a few ‘pet’ favorites of ours… but just because one party aligns with that one favorite does not make it the right party for the country. We need to learn how to direct our government to do what we want… through voting. The events in Wisconsin show that there are ALWAYS opportunists waiting for the next event to topple a power. MSNBC made calls to the public for Wisconsin to be the next Cairo… look who showed up when the call went out! Those aren’t teachers from Madison or from Wisconsin on the support of Mexican socialist banners.

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We have to be careful what we start wishing for… we may just get it.

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