Taking a day or two off…

I am going to be taking a couple of days off(I only am mentioning it because I hardly ever completely take a day off). There is SO MUCH that I would love to write about but I’m giving in to fatigue. Lately, there have been about 10 articles that I wanted to write(and have written in my head) but I just don’t have the free time to cover. I do this blog as an outlet of my thoughts while I am also a stay at home dad raising my three boys that are aged from 3 months old up to my oldest who turns 4 in two months. They take a lot of my time(and energy) so writing is beginning to become an exercise in futility for me. I am very passionate about my topics and that also wears me down too.

I hope to come back with a big recap of the events that I have not covered for the last three or four days. I also have been tracking more stories for my Religion Of (No) Peace series that I may try to fold into one encompassing post when I come back.

In the meantime, I want to thank my blog followers who routinely comment and share their thoughts. Also, I have not taken a moment to say thank you to some important people… Over the last couples of months, I have enjoyed seeing a number of new subscribers to Questioning With Boldness… and although you haven’t commented, I know you’re there and I do appreciate your support. Thank you for giving me a jolt of confidence with your subscriptions. I encourage you to share any topics that you want to call attention to. If we don’t get the issues out there on the internet, they may never be discussed.

I expect to be back posting on Thursday or Friday unless something major draws me back sooner(I have a lot to say about this budget garbage but the energy evades me now). In the meantime, I highly encourage my readers to visit some of my favorite blogs… Bunkerville, Warning Signs, Conservatives On Fire, Political Realities, SilenceDogood2010, and Fleece Me. These guys all bring different topics to the forefront and they all cover them very well. Much of what you will find on these blogs will be stuff that may not make the Mainstream News outlets. You can find them all in my blogroll to the right as well.

Thank you,
Questioning With Boldness…

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12 Responses to Taking a day or two off…

  1. Lynde Dodge says:

    rest…enjoy the boys…prepare….

  2. Bunkerville says:

    Rest up for the next big push!! We shall soldier on~

  3. Everybody needs to recharge their batteries now and then. We’ll be here when you get back.


  4. Wow Questioning! The fact that you can blog with a 3-month old and toddlers is amazing. Hope you get R&R.

    • Thank you Spinny. I’ll make it happen. LOL

      I do most of my blogging at night after the kids go down. I pre-publish my Wit & Wisdom plus the videos and set them for 5am usually. The stuff that gets published through the day is typically during nap time but sometimes I can take advantage of the time when my wife is home.

  5. Nykki says:

    “Rest” well. Talk soon! 🙂

  6. Three boys, age 4 and under? You are a busy man indeed. Take things as they come, and blog on your own time. Goodness knows your boys are more important than us page-view obsessed fellow bloggers . . .

    • Thank you No1… My boys have definitely kept me busy and I see that my time will become slightly more cramped as our littles one is already on the verge of teething. Oh, how I don’t look forward to that again! LOL

      This blogging thing has been my outlet for stress over the anguish I feel as I watch our country being dragged down. I’m not sure I could keep a calm mind if I didn’t have this as an outlet. Thank you for stopping by again…. Your visit inspired me to pull out another Zo Rachel video for tomorrow. Hahaha

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