The Wit Of Fred Thompson

During an interview on the Today Show, Michelle Obama denied that the President dyed his hair to hide the gray.

I believe her. Obama usually leaves the covering-up to Eric Holder.


Bill Maher called Bill O’Reilly “unpatriotic” for interrupting President Obama during his interview.

Uh-huh. 3 years ago, he would’ve called it “speaking truth to power”.


This Christopher Lee scandal… he tells a woman on Craigslist that he’s a divorced lobbyist when he was actually a married congressman.

Which is probably the first time anyone’s ever lied by saying he WAS a lobbyist.


Vice President Joe Biden says spending $53 billion on high-speed trains is necessary if we want to “seize the future.”

Yeah, just like you’d drain all the oil out of a car if you wanted to seize the engine.

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